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CCM YFlex Goal Series Review
Do you have a young one whose biggest dream is to play against their idol one day? Well, CCM has designed a new YFlex youth series for those young stars that are learning the game of hockey. This series gives young goalies the necessary pieces of equipment to start the quest for their dream.
April 2016
CCM YFlex Goal Series Review
CCM Flex Goal Series

Do you have a young one whose biggest dream is to play against their idol one day? To no surprise, playing in the NHL is probably the most common dream amongst Canadian hockey players. Well, CCM has designed a new YFlex youth series for those young stars that are learning the game of hockey. The YFlex series consists of all the major pieces of goalie equipment: pads, blocker, trapper, chest & arm protector, and pants. This series gives young goalies the necessary pieces of equipment to start the quest for their dream.

CCM YFlex Leg Pads

The great thing with the YFlex series is the simplicity. The leg pads use a simple form of strapping and construction, combined with solid construction, to make a pad that gives the young goalie an easy understanding of their equipment. CCM uses a high-density/low-density foam mix to create a balanced core for the pad, and has a pre-curved double break core to seal up the 5 hole. Conversely, the outer flex of the pad is a single break to give the pad a straighter blocking surface while still being flexible.

CCM Flex Goal Series

The leg channel is where the simplicity plays a big role in the YFlex leg pad. Young goalies’ biggest troubles tend to be putting their own equipment on, and the same can be said for some parents! Using one leather boot strap, two Velcro straps, and a single buckle make the YFlex leg pad very easy to strap on! CCM has abandoned traditional strap formations for their pads and have changed to something that, at first sight, looks unconventional but is actually strategic. CCM’s research shows that the only leather strap necessary is the top calf strap, to control the pad’s rotation into a butterfly. So, the YFlex has Velcro straps located on the calf wrap and the knee, and one buckle strap at the top of the calf to control the butterfly.

CCM Flex Goal Series

Another great feature which helps out any growing youngster is the adjustable knee cradle. An adjustable knee cradle does not necessarily mean that a goalie’s knee will land in the centre of the knee stack, but the knee wrap will wrap will be able to be centre around a goalie’s knee.

CCM YFlex Trapper

The hardest piece of equipment for young goalies to use tends to be a trapper, because they don’t have adequate forearm and hand strength to close it. The YFlex trapper comes as a ‘game ready’ 590 break, from being worked in before shipping out. The 590 represents the break angle of the trapper; 590 is equivalent to a 60 degree break (index finger to thumb closure) which has been Reebok/CCM’s most commonly used break angle.

The YFlex trapper has a two-piece injection molded cuff for easier wrist flexion, because a one-piece cuff is already enough of an adjustment from a two-piece, so two is a good place for young goalies to start. The most important part of the glove comes in the adjustability. The trapper has a full backhand adjustment, with straps that cover the fingers, backhand and wrist, and ensures a tight, secure fit on any young goalies’ hand.

CCM Flex Goal Series

CCM YFlex Blocker

The YFlex blocker is made to offer the proper protection needed for any young goalie. The blocker board is formed with plastic and high-density foam to give off sound rebounds, and avoid any stingers. The blocker board has a pre-curved shape to help deflect shots that hit high up on the blocker down to the ice, and get covered up quick and easy.

Rotating the blocker over to its side there is a dual-density side board that protects the hand while making any awkward blocker save, or a puck that rides up the paddle of the stick. Furthermore, the fingers are well protected: the thumb is shielded by a locked molded thumb that provides superior protection from any puck; and the fingers are protected by a low-density foam wrap the that are attached to the finger gussets by nylon.

The YFlex blocker has a comfortable, centred nash palm. The nash palm is great because it is really comfortable, and as it gets damp from sweat it will become a good grip for holding onto the stick. To make sure the palm doesn’t wear through, CCM has doubled up the palm with a second layer of nash, as a reinforcement.

CCM YFlex Chest & Arm Protector

The YFlex chest & arm protector is an easy fit, easily adjustable unit for any young goalie to wear. It is common for parents to want their kids to be very protected when they’re getting pucks shot at them, but, the reality is that kids can’t shoot hard enough to do any serious damage. For this reason, CCM has designed the YFlex chest & arm protector to be easily mobile and stress free for the young tendy and, in turn, making playing goal more enjoyable.

The chest and stomach portions of the unit are made with segmented PE foam. PE isn’t the densest foam, but anything more isn’t necessary. The segmentation of the foam blocks makes the unit nice and flexible, and doesn’t restrict any movements that would be needed to make even the most desperate of saves.

The upper shoulder wings are made with a molded PE foam so the wings are more rigid to work as a solid blocking surface, and also make the young goalies look big. Moving on to the arms, they are also constructed with segments PE foam. The nice thing about the YFlex arms is that they offer solid protection, but they don’t require much break in time and are easy to maneuver. The backside of the arms have independent elbow caps, which are easily adjustable to ensure a complete fit around the arms.

CCM Flex Goal Series

CCM YFlex Pants

The YFlex pant is great for the same reasons as the chest & arm protector: easily mobile and protective. Starting from the top, the waist of the pants is profiled to come inward to the torso for a snugger fit. The hips are made with molded PE foam for solid protection around the hips and waist. The spinal protection is formed with segmented foam to follow the movements of the goalie and hug the spine and tailbone.

The thighs are built up with a solid molded two-piece high-density/PE foam construction, providing a solid blocking surface. The whole package is wrapped up in 200D nylon with stretch zones to make movements easier and unrestricting.

In a nutshell, the CCM YFlex series was developed with the young goalie in mind. A great wall worth of protection is not as important as mobility, for young goalies. So, if you’re looking to suit up your young one for the crease, the CCM YFlex series is a great option to look at. The CCM YFlex series will be available in August, 2016!

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