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CCM Extreme Flex 3 Trapper Review
January 2017
CCM Extreme Flex 3 Trapper Review
ccm extreme flex 3 trapper

A new double-T pocket to never lose sight of the puck.

A new NHL season is upon us, and with that comes new equipment being dawned by the pros. Since the World Cup of Hockey in September, up until now, you have seen many trademark goalies wearing the new CCM Extreme Flex 3 lineup. In late October, CCM hosted us for a product knowledge for their new 2017 equipment, including the E-Flex 3s. After getting to see the stuff in person, I’m writing to relay the new info to you about the newest and lightest pad from CCM!

ccm extreme flex 3 trapper

New Double-T Pocket

The Extreme Flex 3 trapper is now coming stock with an all new, massive, double-T pocket. Last year, CCM debuted a double-T pocket. Last year’s double-T pocket was strung too tightly together, preventing the pocket from expanding.

The new design of the double-T pocket increases visibility in the pocket, by using more lace to expand the middle of the pocket. The expanded design of the pocket gives great sightlines, so you’ll never lose sight of the puck.

ccm extreme flex 3 trapper

D3O® Smart Material

D3O® Smart Material is integrated into the palm of the trapper, to increase protection. D3O reduces the overall amount of material needed in the palm of the trapper, making it easier to close; the vibration dampening properties make its protectiveness (proportionally) greater than high-density foam.

ccm extreme flex 3 trapper

The primary function of D3O is to increase protection, but the vibration dampening properties of the material minimizes the rebound force off the palm and, thus, decreases the probability of pop outs.

New One-Piece Cuff Design

When the Extreme Flex line made its debut, the trapper was loved by so many goalies because of its long pocket/small cuff design that is great for catching. The E-Flex and E-Flex 2 both featured a cuff that offered minimal blocking surface.

ccm extreme flex 3 trapper

To better the blocking surface of the E-Flex 3, surface area is redistributed, allotting more blocking surface to the corner of the cuff. The new look of the E-Flex 3 cuff is like that of the CCM 590 trapper.

ccm extreme flex 3 trapper

Puck handling is a breeze with the E-Flex 3, due to its straight closure. The amount of catching surface on the E-Flex 3 makes it easy to wrap your hand around the stick shaft. The straight closure of the trapper is also characterized by a ‘fingers down’ closure, which is reminiscent of older trappers and baseball gloves. This makes the catcher a bit more comfortable with lower hand position, beside the pad; however, the closure still feels natural up near the ears.

In Summary

When it comes to goalie equipment, CCM is the model of consistency. Every year, both their pros and their aspiring pros know the type of performance they’ll get from their CCM equipment, and the Extreme Flex 3 trapper is no exception to the rule.

Get your hand in the CCM Extreme Flex 3 trapper on April 28th, 2017!

CCM will also be releasing two price-point versions of the E-Flex 3s: E3.9 and E3.5. No matter what level you’re at, we’ll have you covered with the new Extreme Flex 3s!

Watch this video to get the scoop on D3O® Smart Material!

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