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CCM Eflex 5 Trapper & Blocker Review
CCM took what was great about the E-Flex 4 and made the necessary tweaks to create an even better set of  gloves.
CCM Eflex 5 Trapper & Blocker Review
April 26th, 2021
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March 26th, 2021
CCM Eflex 5 Trapper & Blocker Review
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CCM E-Flex5 Catcher

One area where CCM has always stood above the rest is in their gloves. With three distinct closure options that have essentially become the standard across the industry; CCM catchers are among the most comfortable and reliable. Thanks to innovations like D3O reinforced protection, improved cuff designs and a lighter, thinner profile the E-Flex 5 follows that reputation.

CCM E-Flex5 Catcher


The popularity of CCM catchers has always elevated them from their competition. Since its inception, the E-Flex line has given goalies a comfortable, protective glove that effortlessly snaps closed and the newest iteration follows that same basic recipe with a few new tweaks and features.

CCM E-Flex5 Catcher

FlexMotion Technology

One noticeable area of improvement is on the backhand and cuff of the new E-Flex 5 glove. A new molded and segmented backhand adds greater flexibility allowing the glove to feel snappier right out of the box while new quick release strapping makes for a more customizable fit and feel. The FlexMotion technology also extends to the cuff which features an elastic attachment allowing for a full range of motion when making saves and playing the puck.

CCM E-Flex5 Catcher

D3O Reinforcement

D3O Smart Foam is a material that has been featured on the last few CCM catchers. D3O is a soft foam that hardens upon impact, perfect for areas like the palm of the glove where goalies need high impact protection without the bulk that traditionally comes with it. The use of this smart foam allows for superior protection against any caliber of shot without sacrificing the quick, snappy closure CCM gloves are known for.

The E-Flex 5 catcher comes stock with a “game ready” palm, which provides an easy close out of the box. The addition of D30 eliminates the need to order a beefed up “pro” or “practice” palm for most goalies however, that is still an option if ordering custom

CCM E-Flex5 Catcher

Catch Angle

To no surprise, the E-Flex 5 comes standard with the 600 degree break. Developed and popularized in collaboration with Carey Price, the 600 break is designed to be used in a more “fingers up” catching style where the fingertips close towards the middle of the palm in a sort of rolling motion. If the 600 break doesn’t sound like it’ll work for you, CCM does offer two other breaks available for custom orders on the pro level E-Flex 5 only.

CCM E-Flex5 Blocker


FlexMotion Cuff

Just like the glove, the E-Flex 5 blocker features a new more flexible cuff with CCM’s new FlexMotion design. The blocker cuff is fully adjustable with velcro allowing goalies to dial in their preferred fit without sacrificing any range of motion. CCM kept the ratchet style quick release wrist strap that makes quick in game adjustments easy.

CCM E-Flex5 Blocker

Thinned Out Profile

CCM looked to save weight while improving the balance by thinning out the blocker board on the E-Flex 5. When putting it on, the balance is noticeably more centered on the hand than on the E-Flex 4 allowing goalies better control over their saves.

CCM E-Flex5 Blocker

D3O Smart Material

The E-Flex 5 blocker also uses D3O reinforcement throughout the cuff to ensure the best in low profile impact resistance. A strip is also strategically located in the index fingertip to prevent pucks from riding up the paddle.

Final Thoughts

With their recent separation from Lefevbre, the goalie community was left to wonder what new iterations of CCM gear would look like. The E-Flex 5 proves that even without their design partner, CCM is beyond capable of making quality gear that will perform at its best for years to come. CCM took what was great about the E-Flex 4 and made the necessary tweaks to create an even better set of gloves. With a snappier closure, a more open, mobile cuff and even more weight savings, the E-Flex 5 are sure to be a favorite among goalies of all ages and skill levels.

Reviewed By: Cedric Hastings


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