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CCM E4.9 Blocker and Trapper Review
CCM makes minor improvements to their mitts to round out the new Eflex 4 line and trickling down to the E4.9 and E4.5.
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CCM E4.9 Blocker and Trapper Review

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Written By: Jonothan Holloway

CCM makes minor improvements to their mitts to round out the new Eflex 4 line and trickling down to the E4.9 and E4.5. The gloves bring a new level of quality to the performance and recreational gloves with a better performing glove that doesn’t sacrifice the infamous 600 feel that CCM trapper are known so well for, CCM was looking to bridge the gap between their pro models and lower priced options and they just might’ve this year.

CCM E4.9 Trapper


CCM keeps the angle familiar at a 75-degree break, or as they would call it, a 600 break. This popular glove is perfect for those goalie that hold their glove towards the side rather than upright. Designed with contribution from Carey Price, the glove features a finger to palm close and is great for handing the puck.

Redesigned T-Web

The double T design on the E4.9 and E4.5 is intended to increase puck retention so that you don’t have to worry about losing the puck or any pop-outs. Not only is puck retention a benefit of the stock double T, but also the pocket opens up more to become wider as well as provides you with easy vision when covering the puck.

CCM E4.9 Trapper

Though double T gloves are becoming the new trend, they can make your glove a little stiffer when closing it, for this reason CCM has redesigned it. In order to combine the benefits of a single T glove and a double T glove, CCM has changed the way the double T is woven. By theoretically merging the double T at the bottom and by having only one spot where the T is connected, the tension is reduced therefore allowing the glove to close much easier than previous version of it.

CCM E4.9 Blocker


Though a blocker may just be a blocker, CCM made necessary improvements without sacrificing the feel or integrity of the blocker. Keeping similar features from previous models, the blocker focuses on the newly redesigned thumb as well as a decrease in weight and their new Quick release strap.

CCM E4.9 Blocker

Redesigned Thumb Protection

The blocker has an all new redesigned thumb protective area. While resembling the previous Lefevre thumb protection, the inside thumb protector has changed. The changes that have been made enable you to hold your stick easier and more comfortably but that’s not all, the new design gives you more protection and coverage.

CCM E4.9 Blocker


The blocker has been made to be much lighter than previous models, allowing for quicker movements without tiring out. This blocker is now lighter than the P2.9 blocker which is a major step for CCM and the E4.9/E4.5.

CCM E4.9 Blocker

Quick Release Strap

Both the blocker and trapper feature the new Quick Release strap, enabling easy adjustments and comfort. The quick release strap encompasses everything the new e-flex line is looking to accomplish. As the pad is designed to be more convenient and easier to adjust, the quick release strap is the perfect complement. Though it may be similar to the previous strap on CCM gloves, the quick release strap provides easy tightening and loosening for quick adjustments.

CCM E4.9 Blocker

Final Thoughts

Overall, these gloves stay familiar to their predecessors while making minor adjustments that will go a long way. The new redesigned T brings better closure to the glove while the redesigned thumb protection provides better protection and coverage. The Quick Release strap makes the gear easy to adjust, similar to the all Velcro feature on the leg pads. Overall CCM looked to bridge the gap between their pro and price-point options this year and they have made impressive strides to do that.

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