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CCM E3.9 Source Exclusive vs Stock Version
This year, we are proud to offer the CCM Extreme Flex E3.9 leg pads, trappers and blockers. More specifically, we are proud to offer our own THS Spec Extreme Flex E3.9 leg pads and the Source for Sports Exclusive Extreme Flex E3.9 blocker and trapper.
November 2017
CCM E3.9 Source Exclusive vs Stock Version

At The Hockey Shop, we strive to give our customers the best hockey shopping experience, through top-notch customer service, our knowledgeable staff, and our vast selection of products. With our growth as a company comes more opportunities for us to offer our customers the best products on the market. When going through our website, you’ll see products saying Source Exclusive or The Hockey Shop Spec (THS Spec). These products feature custom options, making them exclusive to either us or Source for Sports retailers.

CCM E-Flex E3.9

CCM E-Flex E3.9: The Hockey Shop Spec White/Red/Black

CCM E-Flex E3.9

CCM E-Flex E3.9: Regular Stock Black/Silver

This year, we are proud to offer the CCM Extreme Flex E3.9 leg pads, trappers and blockers. More specifically, we are proud to offer our own THS Spec Extreme Flex E3.9 leg pads and the Source for Sports Exclusive Extreme Flex E3.9 blocker and trapper.

To make sure we don’t get confused, only the leg pads are THS Spec. The blocker and trapper are Source Exclusive. Together, they make a full set. The following review will cover the big differences between our limited-edition models and the regular stock option.

The Hockey Shop Spec Leg Pads

The CCM E3.9 series is a great mid-range series that closely emulates the pro-level Extreme Flex 3 series. If you’re on the ice 3 to 5 days a week, the performance and durability will serve you well.

Knee Breaks

Being a member of the Source for Sports, we are given the option to order equipment with specific modifications only available to Source for Sports stores. This year, however, we liked everything about the Source Exclusive Extreme E3.9 leg pads except one thing: the knee break. The Source Exclusive option features a double knee break when we believe our customers—and goalies in general—prefer a single knee break. So, we modified our pads to have the same features as the Source Exclusive model, but with a single knee break (and the title “The Hockey Shop Spec”). You’re welcome!

CCM E-Flex E3.9

With more and more goalie coaching and off-ice training, we find goalies are becoming more athletic, strong and flexible. More specifically, hip flexibility is becoming more and more important. As hip flexibility gets better and butterflies get wider, the need for that second knee break becomes irrelevant.

Knee Rolls

One of the more unique features not normally seen on CCM pads is the flattened knee rolls. Extreme Flex pads normally come with radiused knee rolls, for a traditional look. Our THS Spec series’ flattened knee rolls provide a flat blocking surface and a clean aesthetic. The flat blocking surface gives off more predictable rebounds.

CCM E-Flex E3.9

Calf Strap

The THS Spec leg pads come with a removable Velcro calf strap to tighten up the calf wrap to your preference. CCM’s stock spec QK5 strapping doesn’t have a lower calf strap, which emphasizes the need for the stock sewn-in Velcro calf strap there; however, our Source Exclusive E3.9 leg pads come with a lower calf strap, making our removable Velcro calf strap more of a preference than anything.

CCM E-Flex E3.9

Now, a majority of goalies will like the Velcro strap, because they may like the support or a super-tight calf wrap. But, if they don’t, the strap can simply be removed.

Source for Sports Exclusive Trapper

Here’s what’s different between the Source Exclusive and stock E3.9 trappers.

The Pocket

Our Source Exclusive version of the E3.9 trapper comes with the new double-T pocket and a skate lace pocket.

The skate lace pocket adds to the glove in a couple ways: functionality and style. The functional aspect may be a bit overstated, but many pros believe the softer skate lace contributes to the puck retention (fewer pop-outs).

Of course, the skate lace is a great look. Carey Price is the reason you see a lot of skate lace pockets.

CCM E-Flex E3.9


Rather than the stock felt and foam palm, the Source Exclusive trapper comes with CCM’s D3O Smart Material. D3O is a vibration-dampening material which is used to reinforce the palms of the pro-level Extreme Flex III trappers. This is a great feature for the E3.9 trapper because it essentially elevates the trapper to a pro-level protection. Not only will it spare you some pain, but it will also spare you some cash!

CCM E-Flex E3.9

Source for Sports Exclusive Blocker

Finger Protection

Just like the trapper, the E3.9 blocker meets the basic requirements to blocking pucks with your hand. The binding-less blocker face is a nice touch, as it provides a slightly larger surface area than one with a binding. Not to mention, it’s a clean aesthetic.

CCM E-Flex E3.9

Our Source Exclusive E3.9 blocker is enhanced with D3O Smart Material. The index finger mesh has a D3O insert that protects your finger from any puck contact. While it’s uncommon to get hit in the index finger, the extra protection is nice to have. Beats losing a fingernail!


Here’s a chart to nicely summarize everything!

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