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CCM Axis Catcher & Blocker On-Ice Review
CCM brings us the all-new Axis catch glover and blocker. This new line brings in a ton of major improvements and features to bring out the best in any goalie who wears them.
June 5, 2020
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April 3, 2020
CCM Axis Catcher & Blocker On-Ice Review

Our First ice time with the new Axis Trapper and Blocker

To ring in the new decade, CCM brings us the all-new Axis line of equipment. This line not only waves goodbye to Premier but also parts ways with Lefevre as their gear designer as they move all production overseas. This new line brings in a ton of major improvements and features to bring out the best in any goalie who wears them.

CCM Axis

Axis Trapper

The Axis trapper adds minor improvements to what the Premier 2 gave us. Keeping the D30 and the 590 break, a favourite among goalies all over, CCM improves the overall close and tracking.

CCM Axis

Double-T Pocket

The Axis glove keeps a stock double-T pocket, allowing for better vision when catching and covering the puck as well as promoting a bigger pocket for more catching area. The double-T pocket is designed to catch and keep pucks by eliminating pop-outs.

CCM Axis

D3O Palm

Protection is enhanced on the Axis catcher with D3O 4th generation to provide absorbent protection that hardens on impact, allowing the glove to open and close easily without sacrificing protection. Looking deeper into the glove, the palm features layered felt for added comfort and protection.

CCM Axis


The backhand of the glove features moulded HD foam finger padding for protection from all angles while enhancing flexibility.

The Inners

The internals of the Axis glove allows for a comfortable and customizable fit. Featuring Nash material for comfort along with velcro finger strapping and their quick release webbing strap.

CCM Axis

Axis Blocker

The Axis blocker is designed to punch rebounds as far and as accurately as possible to allow for more recovery time.

CCM Axis

Blocker Board

Using heat-moulded dual-density foam with PE, the blocker makes it easier than ever to not only clear rebounds but also control where you send them. The blocker also features an X-stiff sidewall with the same curved finger protection as the Premier 2. Not only does the blocker allow for optimized rebound control but is also about .5 of an inch thinner than the Premier 2 blocker board to decrease weight.

CCM Axis

D3O Finger Protection & Palm

The blocker keeps the D3O protection around the index finger as well as an HD foam wrap for optimal impact protection. The palm of the glove is designed to be tight and expand to your hand size with improved multi-layered reinforced Nash to provide comfort and long-lasting durability.

CCM Axis

3-Piece Cuff

The blocker features a moulded 3-piece cuff to provide a full range of motion and increase flexibility.

CCM Axis


The Axis series showcase an in-depth design to create a super fun customizer. With the use of UV Printing, Hexa Print and Graphic Zones on the SpeedSkin, there are endless details that add an innovative, personalized style to this series. Try your hand at designing when CCM releases the customizer.

Final Thoughts

When using the new CCM Axis trapper and blocker, my favourite thing was how responsive the blocker was, enabling me to punch rebounds much further than previous generations and the ability to pick where I wanted my rebounds to end up. As for the glove, I found it similar to the Premier style loved for years by most goalies. One hope that I had for this line was for CCM to make the glove easier to use off the rack, as I found it very stiff for the first ice-time. Overall, these were a major improvement over CCM's previous Premier line and opens the door for a promising future. Make sure to follow us on social media, by Liking us on Facebook, and following us on Instagram and Twitter!

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