CCM Axis 2 Leg Pad Review

June 10, 2022 || Written by Katie Lakusta
The original Axis may have been a test drive for CCM and what they could do with stiff pads—and now with the Axis 2, we’ve come to the real deal. Taking what they learned from the original Axis and even the historical Premier series, these leg pads look to elevate your game to the next level… and have you looking great in the process.

Harder Pad Face

Nearly every goalie who has trialled these pads has determined the same aspect about the Axis 2: the pad face is probably the stiffest CCM has ever produced. However, those who use stiff pads know this design choice is far from a hindrance; Axis 2 is meant to deflect rebounds with great power while offering a flawless seal, which is made possible with the stiffer pad. That seal is even further enhanced with the newly implemented Dynamic Response System Pro. A stiffer pad face also means quicker response time, which becomes more imperative as the game of hockey grows faster.

Dynamic Response System Pro

CCM knows best of all of us that the knee drive is the quickest and most efficient way to get the pad to the ice, and on a stiff pad line like Axis, empowering that technique is paramount to the success of the goalie. CCM’s Dynamic Response System Pro is a step up from their original DRS system.

With DRS Pro, you can drive your knee to the ice with plenty of power while remaining steady and comfortable, due to the one-piece landing zone along the side. Its use of a hyper-absorbent knee stack construction further increases security for your knee upon impact with the ice. With a quicker response and more reliable seal, the Axis 2 ensures top-notch mobility and stability across the crease. The system also comes with some extra adjustability in length and position for a truly custom fit.

Another big plus to the pads—and you can take this however you want—is just how satisfying they sound when you land. To hear the sound in a controlled setting, you can take a listen here. P.S.: It’s at 4:52.

Quick Motion Strap System 2

Another key feature that received an upgrade is the Quick Motion Strap System, now in its second form. QMSS2 fits slightly tighter than before, but that can be made up for with a more open-concept leg channel. This results in a pad with optimized stability and responsiveness, specifically designed for the butterfly position.

Max Rebound & LiteXCore

With all the new and exciting improvements made to the Axis 2 leg pads, we haven’t even had a chance to talk about the core yet. LiteXCore is a slim, injection-molded core design that works together with CCM’s Max Rebound+ technology to ensure your pads are light while providing that desired power and pop on rebounds. Neither of these techs are new, but their success in previous pads sees their reappearance in CCM’s newest gear line.

Speed Skin

Speed Skin returns in the Axis 2 as well, working in tangent with the new DRS Pro system to maximize your sliding capabilities across the crease. Speed Skin is a material originally introduced in the Premier 2 leg pads that masterfully reduces friction when sliding. With all we’ve said already, you can probably imagine how its performance would be particularly enhanced with the addition of DRS Pro and the improved knee block.


Across the board on the Axis 2 gear, CCM made sure that you’re not just feeling and playing well, but also looking great too. Even at stock, the gear’s design looks akin to a custom design, and at custom, CCM provides multiple possible templates for you to personalize to your heart’s content—including a rather exciting asymmetrical design option!

Final Words

Outwardly, it’s been a while since I’ve seen such an innovative design on a goalie leg pad, and the asymmetrical option really shows CCM going above and beyond our expectations in that regard, even at stock. That doesn’t even scratch the surface, however, of the pads’ overall capabilities. DRS Pro, QMSS2, and the tougher pad face are all major steps in the right direction. We’re certainly excited to see the Axis 2 set and its success out on the ice.

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