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Brian's G-NETik Pro 2 Leg Pads
Brian's has returned with what our staff believes is the most innovative and exciting leg pad to be released this year. With the G-NETik Pro 2, Brian’s set out to improve upon an already great pad without taking away from what made it successful in the first place.

March 2014
Brian's G-NETik Pro 2 Leg Pads

Brian's has returned with what our staff believes is the most innovative and exciting leg pad to be released this year.

With the G-NETik Pro 2, Brian’s set out to improve upon an already great pad without taking away from what made it successful in the first place. The G-Netik 2 pad features a whack of innovative new features while also managing to reduce the pad’s weight by approximately 10%.

Internal construction


Their patented E Foam technology is still present, providing unparalleled consistency and durability, but they've adjusted the flex profile to give a more flexible pad. This was one of the few drawbacks to the original G-Netik pad, as it was a bit stiff for what was expected to perform more as a traditional hybrid style pad.

The G-Netik 2 moves to a stock 4-4-4 flex vs. the 3-2-3 flex found in the original G-Netik. For those not aware of how Brian's flex system works, this translates into a more flexible pad through the boot, knee and thigh break. The boot now provides a really nice torsional flex while the added flex in the knee and thigh breaks are just what the more traditional goalie has been looking for from Brian's.

This now gives Brian's a truly differentiated pad flex option as the original G-Netik seemed to somewhat overlap with the Sub Zero II pad.



The new graphic is clean and gives goalies everywhere a ton of options to play around with colour zones.

Thanks to a new production method there isn't any lacing visible on the face of the pad, giving the pad graphic a really clean look.

A new matte material is being offered in black, red, royal and navy. Matte has a really rich look and feel, especially when combined with traditional Jenpro and weave. We were originally concerned that the matte material might not slide very well but on ice testing performs similar to Bucky (the tan coloured material that's beed used on vintage pads for several years now).

As always, the "Kings of Custom" will customize this pad with just about any graphic you can dream up. Give us a shout if you have any questions on ordering your dream set up - we love doing custom orders!

Primo Synthetic

Primo is a synthetic material that has proved to be very durable over it's first full year of usage in rinks everywhere. Primo Synthetic has been added to all high wear areas including toe bindings, knee cradle and knee block and inside thigh.



The external knee rolls have been modified to a flatter, more modern construction to improve rebound control as well as improving the pad's aesthetic.

The internals get an overhaul with some pretty nice innovative features too. The internal cradle has been modified with Brian’s proprietary Primo synthetic to aid in rotation and enhance durability.

An interchangeable knee block allows you to change stiffness levels. A stock version of the pad comes with a medium knee block but is also available in soft and hard. Goalies looking for softer landings can go with the soft knee block and goalies who prefer more stability and a more reactive knee will want to opt for the harder version. The medium knee block will work well for most tenders but it's nice to have the option to customize if the need ever arrives.

Their new flexible outer knee wrap accommodate a wide range of strapping preferences. The new knee has a wider design, allowing enough room for today's bulkier independently worn knee protectors. The knew strap can also be tightened up for those tendies who prefer a snugger fit.

Speaking of knee protectors, the G-Netik 2 comes with a newly designed knee protector that you might actually use. The new design uses elastic to allow a freedom of movement not typical of stock models. It's attached with Velcro to a tab that tucks away if not being used but this knee protector is definitely good enough to see ice time.

Strapping system


Why didn't somebody think of this sooner?

The Smart Strap system Brian’s originally brought to the market has been extended to the boot of the G-Netik Pro 2; elastic straps hug the toe and heel of the goaltender’s skate to keep the pad in position during aggressive skating while bending to relieve ankle stress when in the butterfly.

The new Smart Boot Strap and Toe Ties are awesome. You can put this pad on or take it off in a matter of seconds. The weight savings are significant and there doesn't seem to be any performance downside.

The Smart Boot Strap uses the same material used in car seat belt straps. It's more resistant to wear than traditional leather straps and is much lighter.

The Smart Toe Tie uses the same Velcro system as featured in the leg channel making it a snap to put on.

A traditional strapping option has also been built in for calf, boot and toe tie for those who prefer a traditional strapping set up or want to mix and match. Although we doubt anybody will go back to a traditional set up after using the Smart Strap systems, it's a nice option to have built in.

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