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Brian's G-N3Tik (G-NETik 3) Trapper and Blocker Review
the G-NETik blocker and trapper have offered maximum blocking surface and a basket-like catching performance. Let’s talk about the new G-N3Tik gloves. 
December 2016
Brian's G-N3Tik (G-NETik 3) Trapper and Blocker Review

It’s always an exciting time for us to check out some new Brian’s equipment, because everything they make is pretty cool. On November 1st, 2016, they released the all new G-NETik Pro 3, A.K.A. “G-N3Tik”. The G-NETik series has catered to the ‘hybrid’ style goalie, with a flexible construction that allows the pads to follow your every movement. In particular, the G-NETik blocker and trapper have offered maximum blocking surface and a basket-like catching performance.

Let’s cut off the preamble and talk about the new G-N3Tik gloves.

Brian's G-N3Tik TRAPPER

Re-Engineered Glove Break

As if Brian’s could make their gloves feel even better out of the box. At their factory in Kingsville, Ontario, they actually have a machine that works in each and every glove, to ensure that they’re all game-ready for when you snag them off the shelves.

The G-NETik Pro II glove is really, really good. So good, that I would say it’s one of the nicest gloves on the market. Like they say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” While the the new G-N3Tik trapper doesn’t look too much different than its predecessor, Brian’s has made it even better by re-engineering the break. This re-engineering is for the purpose of making the glove close even easier than the G-NETik Pro II.

The re-engineering of the break even makes opening the glove effortless, so now you can cover as much area as possible and snap shut the trapper in the blink of an eye.

Brian's G-N3Tik TRAPPER

Maximized Double-T Pocket

This speaks for itself. The G-N3Tik comes stock with a massive double-T pocket—so large in volume that I would be shocked if you experienced pop-outs with it. Combo this with a skate-lace pocket and your glove will be the definition of puck retention. If you don’t like the double-T, you can custom order the G-N3Tik with a single-T.

Brian's G-N3Tik TRAPPER

Lace-less Glove Face

The G-N3Tik trapper sports a lace-less face design, giving off an aesthetic look that matches the pads. The lace-less design also improves durability.

Brian's G-N3Tik BLOCKER

Smart Strap Finger Adjustment

The G-N3Tik blocker features a Smart Strap finger adjustment, which adjusts the tension of the finger protection, and keeps the blocker palm as comfortable as possible.

Brian's G-N3Tik BLOCKER

Finger Stalls

The finger stalls on the blocker feature two things: wrap-around protection and X-Static fiber. The wrap-around finger protection is low-density foam within the sides of the fingerstalls, guarding you from pucks railing up your stick.

X-Static anti-microbial fiber is also used in the fingerstalls, for bacteria killing and moisture-wicking properties. The X-Static fiber can also be found in the blocker fingerstalls.

Brian's G-N3Tik BLOCKER

Hex-Air Molded Wrist Pads

Both the blocker and trapper have Hex-Air molded wrist pads. Hex-Air molds create hexagons that surface from the wrist pads, which allows air to flow through the channels created between them. These air channels keep your hands cool throughout gameplay.

Brian's G-N3Tik BLOCKER

Large Selection of Materials

Brian’s, The Custom Goal Company, pride themselves on their craftsmanship and innovation. While their craftsmanship speaks for itself, it may overshadow their innovative strides. Brian’s offers some of the best materials to you, both through their stock equipment and custom creations.

The G-N3Tik series features many of Brian’s high-end materials, from JenPro to Primo synthetic leather. The G-N3Tiks also include Defender and Air-Knit. Air-Knit, as before mentioned, is integrated with X-Static anti-microbial fiber, providing a lightweight and breathable mesh. Defender material, on the other hand, is a high-wear nylon that replaces JenPro in certain graphic areas to reduce weight and also give a unique look.

Through Brian’s a custom order, you can order any of these materials:

  • Flat JenPro
  • Weave JenPro
  • Matte JenPro
  • Bucky (vintage)
  • Primo Synthetic Leather (high-wear material)
  • Defender
  • Hex-Air
  • X-Static Anti-Microbial
  • Air-Knit


Brian's G-N3Tik Leg Pad Gallery


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