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Bauer Supreme 1S Blocker and Trapper
Simply put, the Supreme 1S trapper is the best trapper Bauer has come out with in a long time while the Supreme 1S blocker simplistic looks are a lot different than others on the market. With great control, lightweight construction, and comfortable fit, find out why the 1S blocker and trapper should be a serious consideration. 
January 2016
Bauer Supreme 1S Blocker and Trapper

The new Supreme 1S blocker is similar to previous Supreme blockers, in the sense that it is a blocker designed to provide max coverage. With the new technologies like digitally printed graphics and Poly-Urethane skin, the 1S blocker is very lightweight. Although lightweight, the blocker is very sturdy and provides a great blocking surface. The blocker board is constructed with Bauer’s Curv composite, just like in the pad’s thigh rise; similar to the pads, it sounds like making a save is beating a drum, and sends the puck far out of harm’s way.

Bauer Supreme 1S

It’s hard to really diversify a blocker, but the small details can separate one from the other. The 1S blocker features an AX SUEDE QUATTRO pro palm, which is a new nash-like material that was first used on the Reactor 9000 gear. Paired with 37.5 technology in the palm liner, the 1S blocker is very comfortable, and stays dry through any long game. While your fingers are nice and cozy on the ice, XRD foam reinforced finger wraps protect them.

Bauer Supreme 1S

Overall, the Supreme 1S blocker is very simplistic, even though it looks a lot different than most blockers. With great rebound control, a lightweight construction, and comfortable fit, the 1S should be a blocker everyone considers.

Bauer Supreme 1S Bauer Supreme 1S

Bauer Supreme 1S Trapper

Simply put, the Supreme 1S trapper is the best trapper Bauer has come out with in a long time. Like most trappers, it is designed with a one-piece cuff to increase the stability of the blocking surface of the trapper, and present a larger looking glove. What makes this Supreme trapper different from previous models is the break angle. Previous Supreme trappers closed at, roughly, a 60-degree angle; this year, the 1S closes near a 75-degree angle. In other words, the previous gloves would be an index finger to tip of the thumb closure, and this year it’s an index finger to middle of thumb closure. This new break angle makes the glove much easier to close off the shelf, which was one of Bauer’s issues, previously.

Bauer Supreme 1S

There is a ton of protection in the palm of the trapper, as well. The 1S uses both Curv composite and XRD foam. The initial structure is the Curv composite, with a reinforcing layer of XRD foam to provide cushion for pucks hitting the palm.

Bauer Supreme 1S

The inside of the glove is all performance based, with the use of 37.5 technology to keep the Nash liner dry during any game. The 37.5 technology wicks sweat out of the trapper and keeps the weight down, keeping your glove hand quick.

Bauer Supreme 1S

The 1S trapper also features Bauer’s signature Free-Flex Cuff, to increase your range of motion and make any save an easy save. Another noticeable feature is the deep single-T pocket; however, a double-T is a custom option. The single-T provides a sturdy structure to rest on the shaft of your stick when making any passing plays.

Bauer Supreme 1S

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