Bauer NME ONE Goalie Mask Review

May 20, 2022 || Written by Cedric Hastings
Get ready to dominate the ice with Bauer’s new NME ONE goalie mask. As the name implies, this new iteration in the NME line merges only the best tech of the past, present, and future to help you intimidate any shooters who dare come your way. It uses the classic Shock Absorbing Wire and Advanced Carbon Layering techs, as well as a brand new Defense Cloud Tech liner to prepare you in taking on all adversaries on the ice.

Shell Construction

Staying true to the NME name, Bauer elected to keep the theme of a thinner, lighter shell, as seen on the VTX. The changes in the ONE manifest in Bauer’s integration of the Advanced Carbon Layering (ACL) techniques we saw in the 960, along with various other composite products. This carbon layering process helps manage and disperse puck impacts more efficiently. 

One area users of the VTX mask had trouble with in the past was the chin. This issue has been solved in the NME ONE with the addition of ACL, in addition to simply increasing the thickness of the carbon used in the chin. These adjustments add more reinforcement in an area that would traditionally take a lot of abuse from pucks and users alike.


With Bauer’s new goalie mask comes the introduction of some of their most recent tech: Defense Cloud Tech liner, which is found in the crown and temple/side areas. Some noticeable aspects include how it is more comfortable, protective, and hydrophobic than VTX foam. Poron XD inserts can also be found in the cheeks, giving the ONE mask both a softer feel and higher protection than previous generation NME masks.


Keeping the styling of the ONE mask close to that of Bauer's popular NME line, the ONE mask harbours a familiar look with the addition of sleeker, sharper angles to minimize flat space on the helmet. This reduction of large flat spots helps disperse impact across a larger surface area rather than cause that smack effect that can happen with certain masks. They’ve also paid homage to old Itech Profile masks of the early 2000s with diamond-shaped vents.

SAW Hardware

Seen originally on the Concept mask line from 2013, Bauer reintroduces their Shock Absorbing Wire, or “SAW,” technology on the new NME ONE mask. The SAW concept was revolutionary for its time and still is to this day. By utilizing a rubber washer as an isolation method for the cage, it allows any impacts to the cage of the mask to be dealt with while projecting less of the vibration and impact force to the head.


One area that may appear as a sticking point for users of previous-generation NME masks is the new cage. The ONE now features the same cage as the Profile line of masks rather than the thin wire typically seen on NME masks of prior years. Although this did come as a surprise at first to us at the Hockey Shop, after trying out the mask myself, I found the sightlines compared to the previous generation were not actually hindered by this new cage. This is thanks to the ONE having that wider face opening that NME is known for, which then allows for improved peripheral vision. Moving to this system also simplifies the Bauer cage replacement process, as it ensures that you no longer have to try to remember what cage your mask is using, or risk buying a potentially incompatible cage.


New for 2022 is a hidden harness straight from Bauer. This harness attaches only at the edges of the backplate, allowing you to adjust each strap individually to fit the mask precisely to your head shape. The hidden harness also allows you to showcase any art you decide to have painted or wrapped onto your backplate without the need to go buy an aftermarket harness.

Final Words

Bauer has come up with a very clean and sharp build in the new NME ONE. The clear upgrades in the liner and over the shell really push this mask to the elite level category, and the sharper angles and look are great for leaving a lasting impression on the ice. Overall, if you are looking to get ahead in the goaltending world and show the other team you mean business, then the NME ONE goalie mask is perfect for you.

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