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Bauer Elite Padded Compression Base Layer featuring 37.5 Technology
Bauer's new base layer compression gear has evolved. The new goalie-specific pant is a must-have for maximum protection between the pipes. It's also ideal for anybody looking for a kick-ass base layer with some added muscle. 
November 2014
Bauer Elite Padded Compression Base Layer featuring 37.5 Technology

Designed specifically for goalies, Bauer has put FleXorb technology impact protection where you need it most, in the knee and inner thigh areas. FleXorb technology absorbs over 90% of energy upon impact.

Some of you may recognize FleXorb as a product that looks similar to another, known as G-Form. There's a good reason for's the same material. Bauer has partnered with G-Form to have the exclusive use of this impact technology for hockey.

Several NHLers and quite a few of our customers have already been using G-From knee pads. So, what has Bauer done differently?

They've redesigned the shape and fit of the FleXorb impact zones. The major change is the strategic placement of asymmetrical padding.

While the FleXorb material will never replace a traditional knee pad, it offers just the right amount of extra padding to make landings just a bit softer. The reduction in high impact knee contact will decrease injury recovery times and give you that added confidence when facing shots and pile ups. Games and especially practices will be a lot easier on the knees. As well as providing some extra landing comfort, the knee pads add just enough protection to close up any holes that might have been evident in some of the lighter knee pads on the market. If you love your lightweight pads but need a bit more protection - the new Bauer Elite Padded Compression Pant is the answer.

Inner thigh pads have also been added. The new design provides great coverage without being bulky and wasn’t as noticeable during play. This is good news for when you catch one on the inner thigh.

Bauer's new 37.5 fabric technology helps make this product surprisingly soft and lightweight, despite the addition of impact zone padding. The FleXorb material actually becomes even more comfortable once your body heat warms it up.

Turn Sweat into Energy


Bauer has introduced a crazy effective new moisture management fabric called 37.5™ Technology. This is big news for goalies. Nobody sweats more than us.

37.5™ Technology from Bauer is integrated into the fabric of premium Bauer products, and is scientifically proven to increase performance.

Bauer is calling this the fastest drying material in hockey. That's a big claim. According to geeks, a cotton T-shirt dries at a rate of 2.3 ml/hr and competitors apparel dries at a rate of 9.6 ml/hr. 37.5™ Technology dries exceedingly faster, evaporating sweat at 26 ml/hr.

While many of us struggle to translate what scientific claims like this actually mean to on ice performance, early testing with our staff is getting a big thumbs up.

How does it work?

37.5™ material is made up of millions of tiny particles that are embedded into the fabric to increase the surface area. These particles act like "hot rocks" in a sauna allowing sweat to evaporate, rather than just being wicked away from your body.

These "hot rock" particles attract sweat and evaporate it when your body heats up. Because evaporated sweat is a gas, it finds its way into the air between every opening in your equipment.

This allows the fabric to stay almost unbelievably dry, even during heavy use. It's a great feature when you're in a tournament and you have limited drying time between games. Dryer gear is just better.

This video shows how this process works pretty well:

Wrapping up, the good folks at Bauer have put a ton of research and development into every detail of these pants. They even paid attention to the little details, like flat lock seams to help reduce chafing and Velcro sock holders to eliminate the need for a garter belt.

Do yourself a favour and pick up a pair.

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