Bauer Elite and GSX Goal Skates Review

A Revolution in Goalie Movement

With the release of their newly condensed skate line, we wanted to take a look at the new Bauer Elite and GSX skates while showcasing both their similarities and differences in order to make the choice between the two easier. Let's take a look at the technologies and features packed into these skates that make them great options at their respective price points.

Bauer Elite and GSX Goal Skates

Fit System

When they made the decision to condense their goal skate lineup into one model, Bauer knew that simply making a D and EE width of the skate would not suffice. In order to create a single line of skates that fits an equal or wider number of people, Bauer brought the Fit 1,2,3 system they have been using in their player skates in recent years into the goal world for the Pro and Elite Senior and Intermediate. Rather than focusing on different widths, the numerical fit system turns the focus on volume. Fit 1 is an all new, low volume option; Fit 2 is medium volume most similar to the D width Ultrasonic skate and Fit 3 is high volume similar to the EE Ultrasonic skate.

Bauer Elite and GSX Goal Skates

While the Pro and Elite skates adopt the more comprehensive fit system, the recreation focused GSX skate and the Junior version of the Elite skate both keep the traditional D, EE sizing. These skates will fit very similarly to the 3S line from last year but combining the Supreme power with the Vapor flex profile as the rest of the new skate line does.

Bauer Elite and GSX Goal Skates

Elite Quarter Construction

The Elite skate uses a 3D lasted Curv composite quarter similar to that used in the Pro. While not as stiff as the Pro, the quarter package in the Elite skate remains fairly stiff as it is designed for the performance level goalie meaning stronger pushes with less wasted energy than a softer boot. Stanceflex technology makes it easy to get over top of the skate when in your stance without feeling any sort of lace bite or resistance from the boot.

Bauer Elite and GSX Goal Skates

GSX Quarter Construction

The GSX skate uses a Fiber composite quarter construction which does a good job of providing a soft, stable boot perfect for goalies just starting out or for those who want a comfortable skate that provides a good wrap around the foot from every angle.

Bauer Elite and GSX Goal Skates

Toe Cap

First seen on the Ultrasonic, the Elite and GSX skates use the same slimmed down asymmetrical toe cap that was designed to both reduce weight and give goalies a noticeably better attack angle than that of the already impressive previous generation of cowlingless skates. By allowing you to not have to get your leg up quite as high to get your blade down to the ice, the new line of Bauer skates should further reduce the number of slip-outs and inconsistent pushes giving you an edge over the competition.

Bauer Elite and GSX Goal Skates

Blade and Holder

Both skates come with Bauer’s Vertexx Edge cowling which has been seen on their goal skates since the 1S. Along with being lighter and having a better attack angle than other versions, the Vertexx holder also has the Quick-Release trigger for quick swapping of blades. The steel on the GSX skate is Bauer’s LS 1G+ stainless steel blade. This blade is Bauer’s entry level model and great for those only on the ice a few times out of the week, the blade is also taller not only improving attack angle but also extending the lifetime versus a regular blade. The Elite skate gets an upgraded LS3G+ blade which is made of a better quality steel designed to last longer on each sharpening making it better suited for the performance level goaltender the skate is made for.

Bauer Elite and GSX Goal Skates

Elite Liner

The liner on the GSX and Elite skates are another differentiation point between the two. The Elite features a HydraMax 2 liner with an Aerofoam ankle pad. This liner is designed to combine great comfort with good moisture wicking performance that keeps your foot dry throughout the icetime. The Aerofoam ankle pad is a great addition to the midline skate as it provides superior comfort while bringing the overall weight of the liner down.

Bauer Elite and GSX Goal Skates

GSX Liner

The GSX skate features a Grip liner which does a good job locking the foot in place in the skate while memory foam ankle padding is used to provide comfort superior to that of other skates in this price range.

Final Thoughts

The GSX and Elite skates are designed to take the best of the Vapor and Supreme and combine them into a single line of skates. This is evident when you look at all the features designed to boost performance and comfort in these skates such as upgraded quarter packages, liners and tongues over previous generations of Vapor and Supreme skates. The new fit system in the Elite skate is a welcomed addition designed to ensure a proper fit for a greater number of goalies rather than them bouncing between the two different fits of Vapor and Supreme.

Reviewed By: Cedric Hastings


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