10 Hockey Gifts and Adventurous Alternatives to Put in Stockings this Christmas—Goalie Edition

December 3, 2021 | Written by Katie Lakusta

Stocking stuffers can be particularly challenging to pick out. Goalies especially may have difficult stockings to fill since their equipment and tools tend to be a lot more specialized. You want things they will appreciate and that are tailored toward them and their interests. It can be a bit difficult putting new goalie gear directly in a stocking—but there are some smaller items that will be perfect for your resident hockey goalie or fan. And even if you may think tape and wax aren’t exactly the most “personalized” or creative options out there, we’ve got you covered there too.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a notorious gag gifter—I would have no qualms in gifting a custom Oilers jersey to a Flames fan, for example (and I definitely planned this scheme out for Secret Santa one year). The stocking stuffers in this list may not be so extreme, but for every classic option, there’s a more daring one to consider too. It could range from more striking colours to more specialized items. With that in mind, here are 10 classic gift ideas… and their adventurous counterparts. No matter how you want to approach this holiday season, The Hockey Shop has an answer for you.

Although there may be some overlap with the Player Stocking Stuffer list, these items have been adapted to goalies and are some of the best gifts to stuff in their stockings.

1. Classic Idea: Hockey Tape

For many hockey players, the feeling of using a brand new roll of tape can be a subtle freshness added to the pregame. We carry a variety of brands, including Howies and Lowry, among various colours and textures like black, white, and clear. This is a relatively safe gift option, but there is no doubt it will be used in its entirety, and hockey tape is pretty inexpensive.

Adventurous Alternative: Paddle Wedge

No one ever really thinks about the problem that the Paddle Wedge tackles until the goalie catches a stinger right in the blocker fingers. The Paddle Wedge is built to slide onto the paddle to protect the hand from pucks that may otherwise hit the underside of the blocker just right. They are pretty low-profile while playing, and your neighbourhood goalie may just thank you for the new protective accessory.

2. Classic Idea: Skate Guards

Skate guards, although not an accessory players would need on the ice, are crucial for keeping steel protected during transportation. The Hockey Shop carries both soft (Blue SportsHowiesLowry) and hard (LowrySuperGard) varieties. Soft guards can help dry skates, whereas hard will withstand more wear and tear and are generally more protective. Soft guards usually come with a spot to write your number on for more personalization.

Adventurous Alternative: RollerGuard Skate Guards

RollerGuard skate guards come in multiple colours and will let you roll in and out of the rink in style—without the added hassle of having to install wheels on your skates! They may be a bit tougher to fit in the stocking with the other large items, but whoever receives these in their gifts will no doubt greatly enjoy these wearable skate guards.

3. Classic Idea: Baselayer Hockey Socks

Whether you are buying gifts for someone who prefers knee-high or ankle socks when playing, it’s safe to say the game is (usually) a lot more comfortable to play with socks meant to be worn in skates. And even if they prefer no socks at all, hey—sounds like decent gag gift material to me.

Socks are perfect in general for stockings because they are relatively light, small, and pliable, allowing for some extra space in the stocking for other things.

Adventurous Alternative: Patterned Socks and Underwear

The Hockey Shop carries underwear from brands like Stance LifeMajor League, and Saxx, all of which can add some extra splashes of colour to the stockings you’re stuffing this Christmas. These underwear options may be designed more for everyday use, but they are still a lot of fun. They are comfy and colourful, and you can be rest assured the recipient will get some use out of them since they can be used comfortably outside of hockey. Stance Life and Saxx have rather vivid patterns on them, and Major League features some pretty silly faces on their socks.

4. Classic Idea: Stick Wax

With how the game is moving and developing, many players are viewing wax as a vital piece of their equipment. Stick wax keeps the blade tape protected and prevents ice and snow build-up. Even better, it’s relatively cheap and fits nicely inside stockings with plenty of room to spare. We carry many of the top brands at The Hockey Shop, including Howies, classic Ice Wax, and the fan-favourite Mr. Zog’s Original Sex Wax.

Adventurous Alternative: Sno-Seal Beeswax Leather Protection

The name can be a bit of a mouthful. This stuff is pretty heavy-duty, and in the hockey world, they are specific for goalies to protect their leather pads from drying out and from general wear and tear on the ice. It also helps with filling in empty space and sealing the ice. Sno-Seal is also perfect off-ice for any leather boots, shoes, etc. that may need some extra protection from the elements.

5. Classic Idea: Skate Laces

You never know when you’ll need a new pair of laces in a pinch. It’s rare relative to other emergencies or equipment breakdowns, but when it does occur, it’s often difficult to find a pair quick enough to make up for it. I know personally that older or well-loved skates can even start chipping through skate laces, and you likely won’t even realize the problem until they’ve cut through two perfectly good pairs. Giving and getting an extra pair of laces is always going to be a great investment. For goalies, skate laces can also be used as toe ties. The Hockey Shop carries multiple sizes and colours, waxed and unwaxed.

Adventurous Alternative: Pro Laces

Pro Lace toe ties are being used increasingly more often by goalies of all levels due to their durability and quick application. They include a bungee-style elastic in the string portion to allow for better maneuverability and recovery. If you are stuffing the stocking of a goalie who is still using lace toe ties or something just as robust, some Pro Lace toe ties will be a great gift for them. These come in Standard and Armour varieties.

6. Classic Idea: SKLZ Reaction Ball

Reaction balls aren’t meant to be used with hockey sticks, but they are still tons of fun for players and goalies alike. Reaction balls have a bit of a bizarre shape, causing them to bounce unpredictably when they hit the floor or a wall—and that means catching them is going to take some sharp hand-eye coordination. Many high-level goalies use them in their free time and right before a game, since they help with strengthening and warming up the muscles to react quickly.

Adventurous Alternative: Floor Hockey/Training Ball

Floor hockey and training balls are amazing tools for any player looking to develop their stickhandling skills. Any training ball will work, including CCM, Bauer, and SmartHockey brands. The decision will be even easier to make if your recipient also plays floor hockey, and you can opt for a training or floor hockey puck if you think they would prefer those instead.

Although the exercise may seem more tailored toward players and their stickhandling, it is also good for goalies to get comfortable handling the puck. One main distinguishing factor between a good goalie and a great goalie is knowing when to play the puck and having the confidence to do so.

7. Classic Idea: NHL & Lifestyle Apparel

Every hockey fan will have at least a few favourite teams, and many players will have a specific brand they will often gravitate toward. Whether you are buying for a Canucks fan or a Bauer appreciator, we have some great apparel options in-store this holiday season that will all fit right into a stocking.

Adventurous Alternative: DSC Apparel

DSC shirts hold nothing back, and like all shirts, they are flexible enough to roll up and place into a stocking. If the person you’re shopping for is into graphic Ts (or maybe they lack a bit of a filter themselves), a DSC T-shirt will be a great option. And the more comical the theme and caption, the more memorable watching them unwrap it will be.

8. Classic Idea: Skate Stick/Honing Stone

Honing stones can be a little tough to use at first, but they are still a good accessory to have in a pinch when trying to get an edge back on the ice—literally. Honing stones and sharpening sticks are quite compact, making them great stocking stuffers.

Adventurous Alternative: Rubber Honing Stone

Rubber stones are a bit more specialized than regular nash ones. They are gentler and specifically made for higher-quality runners, like blacksteel, diamond-like coatings, and mirror-finished blades. You can still use them on standard-coated runners, giving them even more versatility.

9. Classic Idea: NHL Playing Cards

If you aren’t feeling like moving around that much but still want to enjoy a game of sorts, card games are a great way to still play games with family and friends. Cards aren’t exactly as hockey-related as hockey sticks, but these are still great for NHL fans, and especially collectors. Playing cards are always a good option as stocking stuffers due to their rather compact size.

Adventurous Alternative: Mini Hockey Sticks


CCM Axis Composite Mini Hockey Stick


I remember having a few of these as a kid, and let me tell you, the carpet hockey games never get old. They are tons of fun, especially for kids, and they will be perfect for adding that extra bit of excitement on Christmas Day. Mini sticks come in a variety of different styles, including NHL team and authentic composite brand sticks. Brand mini sticks also come in right and left hands and various curves, and we also carry goalie variants. Currently, we have a couple of specialty mini hockey sticks on sale in-store.

10. Classic Idea: Toques & Hats

Wintertime and ice rinks can get pretty chilly, and toques and hats are great remedies for the cold. The Hockey Shop carries a diverse collection of knit and pom toques, as well as snapback, flexfit, and adjustable hats, all of which will be small enough for a stocking.

Adventurous Alternative: NHL Forever Collectible Stuffed Animals

Hats and toques may not be the most practical option to keep warm when relaxing at home. That’s where these cuddly buddies come in. Whether your recipient likes to hold, squish, or just have them sitting as a decoration in the home, you bet they can keep them company while they watch the next NHL game. A Seated Jersey Bear, Fluffy Hedgehog, Shirted Sloth, and Flannel Moose are all available, and you can orient them to poke their little heads out of the stocking when Christmas Day arrives.

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