TRUE Project X Stick Review

Written by: Katie Lakusta



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In 2021, TRUE came out with the limited edition Project X stick, an incredibly light, low kick hockey stick that showcased the best that TRUE has to offer. Now for 2023, the iconic stick is back— the original Project X was celebrated for its low kick point and remarkable lightweight design, and this year's version not only preserves these attributes but also enhances them. It proudly stands as TRUE's lightest stick to date, weighing in at an astonishing 335 grams for the Senior 60-inch model. We’ll look into the tech and capabilities of this stick in greater detail in this article.

Project X stick on top of a hockey net

Low Kick Point

TRUE’s first Project X stick had a low kick profile, and the new 2023 model is no exception— now enhanced and more optimized than ever for speed, precision, and stability. Positioned strategically near the bottom of the shaft, this kick point allows players to achieve optimal energy transfer from the blade to the puck during snap shots and wrist shots as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The low kick affords players enhanced control in tight spaces and enables them to adjust their shots with remarkable agility. This design makes the stick ideal for players who thrive on quick, on-the-spot decisions and dynamic offensive maneuvers on the ice.

player unwrapping a Project X stick

Technology of the Project X Stick

Ultra Lightweight & Resflo Technology

Previously, TRUE’s HZRDUS PX held the title for TRUE’s lightest hockey stick, at 345g (SR). But in the ever-evolving landscape of hockey and hockey equipment, weight is a factor that can make all the difference on the ice. Thus, the Project X hockey stick emerges as a true game-changer, proudly claiming the title of TRUE Hockey's lightest stick to date, weighing in at an astonishing 335 grams (SR 60in.).

Something we noticed when testing out this particular stick is also the optimized balance— lightweight is good and allows for greater speed when handling the puck, but if the stick isn’t balanced, it won’t feel as good as it could in your hands. The Project X doesn’t have that issue. The blend of familiar feel with optimized weight ensures you can be at the top of your game right from the get-go.

One of the strategies that TRUE employs to reduce weight in the stick is their patented Resflo technology. By strategically placing ribs throughout the shaft, this innovative technology minimizes voids, ensuring that the stick remains stiff and consistent throughout its lifespan.

lifestyle image of Project X stick beside a puck and a net

Axenic Technology

One of the things that sets TRUE apart is their tried and true Axenic technology.

Axenic looks to create a clean and seamless design through making a one-piece stick without the use of fusion points or overlaps in the shaft. This process results in an extremely consistent and balanced stick. By eliminating inconsistencies in the construction process, TRUE aims to provide players with a stick that offers optimal performance, control, and feel.

That seamless structure comes from eliminating irregularities in the construction process for a more uniform build, thus enhancing not only balance but also reliability, and playability.

Project X full photo

Precision Laminate Design (PLD)

PLD is returning returning stick tech developed by TRUE, which involves the meticulous arrangement of different layers of material within the stick's construction. This strategic placement of plies enables TRUE to finely calibrate factors like flex, weight distribution, and durability. With PLD, TRUE is able to design a stick engineered to provide an optimal blend of power, responsiveness, and longevity, perfectly attuned to the player's needs.

Whether you're a sniper seeking maximum power or a playmaker focused on precision, Project X may be just for you; PLD ensures that the stick is finely tuned to deliver the performance you crave on the ice.

Blade Technology of the Project X Stick

Strategic Rib Technology

SRT is relatively new to TRUE hockey sticks, but is a solid representation of TRUE’s work on their hockey stick blades. This tech involves, as the name implies, strategic rib placement throughout the blade, aligning them with typical puck impact points

These strategic ribs work in harmony to enhance the structural integrity of the blade, resulting in a more stable structure upon puck impact. This stability has a profound impact on shooting, passing, and catching the puck, particularly in accuracy and power. Whether you're looking to pick the top corner with pinpoint accuracy or unleash a blistering slapshot, the SRT-equipped Project X stick has your back.

detail photo of Project X stick blade

All-new Foam Core

An all-new foam core material within the blade adds another layer of innovation. This advanced foam core isn't just a superficial upgrade; it's a representation of the new direction that TRUE is taking with their hockey sticks.

By compacting the laminate with precision, TRUE has achieved a blade with maximized strength-to-weight ratio. The outcome is a blade that consistently performs beyond durability requirements, setting a new standard for longevity and resilience.

Whether you're firing off precise shots or making crucial plays in a pinch, the Project X is designed to perform at its peak precisely when you need it most.

detail image of the Project X stick from another angle

player holding a Project X stick in dressing room

Final Thoughts on the Project X Stick

We’re very impressed with TRUE’s update on the Project X stick. We’d thought for a while that we’d hit a stopping point with weight reduction, but the Project X has proven us wrong on that at an astonishing 335g while still keeping good balance and stability.

We've seen the combination of Resflo, PLD, and Axenic help TRUE sticks reach that low weight, and the fact that this stick has reached an even greater feat shows TRUE is really stepping up their game for 2023. In terms of the blade, we’re happy and excited to see improvements with SRT and the new foam core. With the Project X, TRUE has achieved a stick that remains stiff and reliable, shot after shot.

Overall, we’re very excited to see what this stick has to offer on the ice!