TRUE HZRDUS PX Hockey Stick Review

July 15, 2022 || Written by Katie Lakusta
No stick in history has ever been this light—until now. TRUE takes “effortless” to the next level with their lightest stick yet, the HZRDUS PX. Those in the lacrosse, baseball, and golf worlds may recognize the HZRDUS line and its renown across other sporting worlds. Now taking on the moniker of their newest low kick line, HZRDUS looks to build on the legacy of both the AX line and Project X series further with incredible durability at an insanely low 345g weight.

Lowest Stick Weight. Ever.

There is quite a wide range of experiences in The Hockey Shop, from playing to selling, and even giving feedback to manufacturers on their equipment. So let us tell you that this has to be the lightest stick we’ve handled in a long time—or in our history. 

And that’s not just on paper; this stick quite literally feels like nothing in your hands. To compare, the Catalyst PX is already one of the lightest sticks on the market at 360g, which was an incredible feat for a mid kick stick already. Enter HZRDUS—being the new low kick line, it had to go a step further… and it did. At a remarkable 345g in a game where you’re constantly battling for inches, you’ll definitely notice the difference, just like we did.

New Low Kick Point Family

Speaking of low kick points, those are the shoes that HZRDUS looks to fill in the TRUE stick lineup. HZRDUS for the upcoming hockey season replaces and reimagines the AX low kick line with some new features and slick new graphics. TRUE put together everything they knew and had to reduce the weight across the line, in addition to enhancing that quick release and explosive response you would expect from an elite low kick stick.

Low kick sticks are slightly less powerful than mid, hybrid, and high kick sticks and can be a bit tougher to control in open ice; however, they are miles ahead of other variations when it comes to efficient loading speed and time, as well as quick release on the shot. They are ideal for players who often handle the puck in front of the net or in close quarters.

Resflo Technology

One major contributor to the astonishingly low weight is the incorporation of Focused Resin Flow technology. We’ve seen Resflo before in the Catalyst PX, and it’s no surprise we’re seeing it again here. The main focus of Resflo is to minimize voids, which in turn reinforces the laminate in the shaft along the stick. The consistent laminate combined with the efficient use of materials not only lowers the stick’s weight but also gives it unparalleled durability.

Tri Rib Tech

Tri Rib Tech is a revolutionary design for the blade that follows very similar efficiency goals as Resflo. Another tech trickling in from the Catalyst PX, TRT adds extra reinforcement only in places that receive the most impact during the game. This helps the stick keep its weight while also enhancing a section of the stick that used to be a bit of a weakness in TRUE’s earlier builds.

Axenic Tech

It wouldn’t be a TRUE stick without Axenic Tech. A mainstay in TRUE’s offered tech, this design involves assembling the stick all at once for a genuine one-piece hockey stick. This approach both enhances the stick’s overall durability, specifically in the hosel, and gives the user much more control across the entire stick. These qualities are especially important in a low kick stick, which could benefit from increased hosel strength and additional control.

Precision Laminate Design

Precision Laminate Design is another tech that focuses on refining the weave and how the whole stick ties itself together. The stick’s carbon fibre weaves strategically throughout the stick to reinforce it efficiently without adding extra material. In fact, with PLD, the material is thinner—but as we’ve seen in the Catalyst PX, this process also makes the weave tougher, in effect still strengthening the shaft.

Final Thoughts

I could not believe how light this stick was when I first picked it up. It was like it was defying gravity, and that’s the same sentiment  The Hockey Shop had when it made rounds around the store. With the same tech from the Catalyst PX, now refined and tailored for the player with a low kick preference, we’re quite optimistic about this new stick line.

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