TRUE AX9 Stick Review
The all new TRUE A series sticks are now available at The Hockey Shop. Check out the new line of True sticks, including the AX9 and AX7 stick. With a lightning quick release, optimal balance and unmatched strength, this True hockey stick will let you light it up from anywhere on the ice.
TRUE AX9 Stick Review

Light It Up: TRUE AX9 Stick Review

July 30th, 2020

Written by Rajan Sidhu

TRUE AX9 Hockey Stick: Available Now


True comes into the elite stick game with a bang sporting the all-new AX9 and their ultimate team stick, the AX7. Both sticks deliver unmatched strength, optimal balance, and lightning quick releases. These high performing sticks include technologies such as FiberShield, BRT+, Axenic, and SmartPly, which I will breakdown into further detail below.

FiberShield Resin Technology

True’s all new Advanced Resin system is 39% stronger than their previous versions used in past sticks. FiberShield allowed True to disperse low-density nanoparticles throughout the blade and shaft creating more consistent sticks from top to bottom that are now lighter while also stronger through impacts.

BRT+ Technology

The patented BRT+ Technology used in the stick blades help to develop the unmatched strength that is the theme of the whole stick. With a low kick point, it is essential that the blade be strong and durable so that there is no loss of energy or torque through shot transfer. The BRT+ Technology excels in creating a durable blade that will fire lightning quick shots towards the net.

Axenic Technology

When I first grabbed the AX9 and AX7, I noticed immediately how great both felt in my hands. The sticks were extremely well balanced and lightweight to hold. True’s Axenic Technology created this feeling by combining a compression-molded shaft into a true one-piece stick. The seamless builds of the AX9 and AX7 result in the player having an incredible feel for the puck when on the blade, which I was able to notice instantly when stick-handling.

SmartPly Technology

SmartPly is a process by which fiber angles, and the order of those angles, are optimized in up to 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber in a single shaft. Now what that does is create two sticks that are industry leading in impact strength. With all that layering, one might think that the stick feels super clunky and heavy…that is not the case. SmartPly in combination with the tech discussed above produces two sticks that are strong, well balanced, and lightning quick with all your shot energy transferring directly from the stick through to the puck.

Low Kick Point

The AX line is known for its low kick-point that creates unmatched speed and lowers response time resulting in a lightning quick release. The low-kick paired with the BRT+ blade makes both the AX9 and AX7 deadly weapons in the hands of any sniper on the ice.

Final Thoughts

The AX9 has to be one of the best sticks I’ve been able to check out. It was lightweight, felt great in the hands, and the puck feel was incredible thanks to the Axenic Technology and its’ true one-piece design. What you’re getting here is elite stick that you know will perform, and perform for a long time on the ice.

The AX7 on the other hand, presents a stick with all the features above with a few minor tweaks. They come stock at 63” and feature a collection of pro return blade patterns and flexes. This stick screams performance at a price point and is ideal for those teams looking to compete at a high level while also keeping an eye on the bottom line.

One final bonus, in my opinion, is that the chrome, white, and dark blue graphics make these sticks the best-looking sticks in their respective classes.

Don’t just take my word for it though. If you’re a True fan, or looking to change things up, come by the shop and test out both the AX9 and AX7 in our recently reopened shooting room to see for yourself.

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