Top 5 Back To Hockey Products
Hockey's going to be a little bit different. Here are our Top 5 Products that will make getting on the ice easier and safer.
Top 5 Back To Hockey Products

Our Top 5 Must Haves for Returning to Hockey

Written by: Alannah Kolarcik Liem

July 15, 2020

Returning to hockey may look different for the next little while. Here are our top 5 items to make your return as smooth as possible, so you can focus on your game.

1. Bauer’s Face Cover

The Bauer Reversible Fabric Face Mask is intended for everyday use at places like the rink, your local hockey shop, or wherever else a mask is recommended or required. Bauer has always provided protection for players on the ice and now off the ice as well.

Designed with CDC and Health Canada recommendations in mind, these non-medical grade face masks fit well and are OSFA. They effectively and comfortably cover the nose and mouth. There’s three different color options, and as they are reversible, each mask has two designs to choose from.

Bauer suggests washing before the first use and after each subsequent use, as per care instructions.

2. A Full Face Shield for your Helmet

Using a Full Face Shield on your helmet in place of a visor or cage helps to minimize the spread of droplets on the ice. It is recommended to disinfect them (inside and out) between each use.

CCM offers their FV1 Senior Hockey Full Face Shield in both junior and senior options. The FV1s are anti-scratch and anti-fog, so your vision and depth perception won’t be affected.

Bauer’s Concept 3 Hockey Full Face Shield combines the protection of a full cage with the visibility of a visor. The Concept 3 is CSA, HECC and CE certified, and comes with a Bauer Helmet Bag. It also comes in two sizes, senior or junior. 

Many leagues and teams are looking to switch to Full Face Shields for the upcoming hockey seasons. Even the NHL is considering the change after doctors have suggested that the Shields could increase safety in hockey.

3. Walk-able Skate Guards

As many rinks are closing dressing rooms and requiring players to suit up at home, the question poses itself: what do we do about our skates? If we tie them up at home, how do we walk into the rink? The answer is to get creative with your skate guards.

Skaboots offers a sturdy skate guard that resembles the bottom of a shoe to allow for easy walking and great traction. A solid Velcro strap keeps your skate in the guard and makes the application simple. They come in four sizes (which are based on skate sizing) so anyone from a youth size 6 to a senior size 13 can wear them.

Rollerguard adds a fun twist on walk-able skate guards. With wheels on the bottom, you can turn your ice skate into roller skates - without any installation! Just slip the guards on and you’re ready to roll, literally. Durable wheels, ABEC 5 bearings, and an adjustable strap allow for a high quality guard. Choose from four color options - pink, blue, black or red.

Finally, Elite Hockey offers a jacket style skate guard with a rubber traction strip to make walking easy. The polyester inner fabric on the skate guard keeps your blades safe and dry. Choose from six color options (black, grey, pink, red, blue and yellow) and four size options (youth, junior, senior and XL).

4. Personal Water Bottle

Now is not the time to be sharing water bottles with your teammates. We always recommend squirt and straw bottles, as they minimize contact and help you get a drink through a cage or face shield. We have many options to choose from here.

5. The Anywhere Shower

Since rinks are closing dressing rooms and post-game showers, you might want to clean up a bit before the drive home. The Anywhere Shower offers bamboo cleansing wipes of two sizes - big and huge. The huge wipes are 2’x3’ and come in a pack of 8, the big wipes are 1’x2’ and come in a pack of 12. Use these safe & biodegradable wipes in the rink parking lot, in the car, or wherever else you need an Anywhere Shower!

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