The Hockey Shop's Black Friday Buying Guide

November 1, 2022 || Written by Katie Lakusta
Shopping during one of the biggest sales days of the year is already stressful enough figuring out what you want/need and the best deals available. This is especially true for hockey since shopping in this category also requires fitting into the right gear for you. The Hockey Shop has some big hockey sales this Black Friday for some of our highest-end gear. Here are just a few of our favourites that will be on sale.

CCM Ribcor Trigger 5/6 Pro Hockey Stick

CCM’s Ribcor family is a tried-and-true low kick stick series that’s perfect for players who like to play up close to the net or stickhandle near to their body. Low kick sticks bend closer to the bottom of the shaft, which allows for a quicker release on the shot. Both the Trigger 5 and 6 have shown themselves to be some of the best top-of-the-line hockey sticks, both equipped with CCM’s Agility Blade and Ergonomic geometry for elite performance and feel. 

Although the Ribcor series is used more often by forwards, offensive defensemen can also greatly benefit from the optimized low kick point. If you’re looking for a good stick replacement this Black Friday, the Trigger series will be a solid option.


Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Hockey Skates

It may be easy to forget about the Ultrasonic after the release of the Mach, but the legacy of the Mach is still extremely relevant to today’s game. And while on sale, you know you’ll be getting a skate of the highest quality at a great price. As the pioneer for Bauer’s Fit System, the Ultrasonic will also be designed to fit nearly all foot sizes and shapes. If you’re in need of new skates, it won’t be a bad idea to take a look at some Supreme skates.

Please keep in mind that the Ultrasonic is a fairly stiff skate that is much more suitable for stronger, elite-level skaters. The 3S series or any of the Source for Sports exclusive Supreme skates (Matrix, Elite, Comp) will be more beginner and recreational level-friendly.

Grit Airbox Hockey Carry Bag

If you’re anything like me, you also dread getting home after an exhausting game to realize your job isn’t quite over—you still need to air out your gear so it doesn’t stink or get moldy later. As one of the biggest leaders in developing bags for sporting equipment, Grit has your back on this issue. 

The Airbox hockey bag takes a modern style and shape while adding one extra feature: the outer walls are made of tough nylon mesh. This mesh design is perfect for allowing airflow through your gear, even when the bag isn’t open or you’re not quite home yet. This bag is going on sale on Black Friday, so if you’re looking into investing in a new hockey bag and want to keep your gear fresher, check out the Grit Airbox hockey bag.

Warrior QRE10 Hockey Gloves

Warrior sits as one of the most distinguished brands across multiple sports, particularly lacrosse, and it was no surprise that they’d migrate some of their tech to different sports. The Covert QRE10 gloves are one of the best combinations of protection and mobility out there for gloves. With a combination of Exo+ Foam, an Ani-Flex thumb, and Smartpalm+ technology, it is able to do just that. The big feature that sets these gloves apart is the Axyflex V2 cuff, which is designed to feel and act similarly to a lacrosse glove cuff for max maneuverability.

TRUE AX9 Hockey Sticks

Most brands have put a lot of focus on enhancing very specific blade patterns, but if you want something different or more specialized, you would usually have to go custom for it. TRUE’s AX9 series of sticks is great if you are looking for a specific blade pattern but don’t quite have the budget for a custom stick. TRUE employs their patented Axenic Technology to offer a genuine one-piece stick, which is ideal for making the most out of your load on the shot. At a sale price, that means you can enhance your shot with a top-of-the-line calibre stick at a more affordable price.

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