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The Hockey Shop's Black Friday Buying Guide
The Hockey Shop has some big hockey sales this Black Friday for some of our highest-end gear. Here are just a few of our favourites that will be on sale.
Warrior Covert QRE 10 Glove Review
The new QRE 10 hockey glove from Warrior is a crème de la crème product packed with all of Warrior’s premier glove specs – including some new tech exclusive to this launch. Not only do they look great but they’re feather light, incredibly responsive and provide top tier protection. The QRE 10 checks all the boxes for an elite level glove and feels amazing right off the wall. Let’s take a look at each spec and material for a rundown of what makes this glove one of our favorites.
Warrior Corvert QRE10 Pants - First Look
The QRE 10 is the pro level hockey pant model from Warrior’s Covert Protective lineup and based on our first impressions we love what we see. At quick glance you can easily see the QRE 10 is designed for streamlined mobility. The tapered design of the QRE 10 allows for maximum comfort and movement without added bulk. Let’s quickly look at some of the key features. 
2019 Warrior Alpha DX Hockey Stick Review
New for 2019, the Elite level Warrior Alpha DX Grip Senior Hockey Stick is a forgivable, quick release hockey stick. Warrior has incorporated 4 technologies into this year's Alpha stick; Sabre Taper, FuelCore Blade, Minimus Carbon 1400, and True 1 Phantom Feel. All of this wrapped into one stick makes this one of Warrior’s most responsive and lightweight sticks to date.
Warrior Alpha DX Protective Review
Availability: In Stock - now shipping. Building off of 2017’s Alpha QX protective line, Warrior aims to continue their ascension up the hockey equipment ladder with the new Alpha DX Protective lineup. In designing the Alpha DX equipment, Warrior prioritized...
Warrior Fantom QRE Hockey Stick Review
The Warrior Fantom QRE stick is ridiculous. Ridiculously light. Ridiculous pop. And ridiculously sexy. The Fantom was originally exclusive in store for the first month and is now available to ship directly to your door. 
Warrior Dynasty HD1 stick review
I had a chance to demo the HD1 back in January at the Source fro Sports on-ice demo in Niagara Falls and . Although I normally prefer sticks with a low-kick flex point, I was impressed with the HD1. If you're a fan of of sticks like Bauer's Total One MX3 or the CCM Tacks line you'll really enjoy how easy it is to load the HD1.