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CCM Tacks AS-V Pro Stick Review
Like with the rest of the Tacks AS-V Pro equipment series, CCM is going experimental with their new AS-V Pro hockey stick. The new rendition of their top-of-the-line high kick stick includes much of the same tech you’ve seen before with a bunch of upgrades, both big and small.
CCM SuperTacks AS4 Pro Hockey Stick Review
CCM continues to lead the hockey world in terms of powerful, mid kick point hockey sticks. The Super Tacks family has always put a major focus on boosting shot power and optimizing control, and now, with this latest edition to the AS line, CCM has maintained its pursuit in bringing you one of the currently strongest—literally—hockey sticks on the market today.
CCM Super Tacks X Hockey Helmet Review
This cutting edge hockey helmet is the first to feature a 3D printed interior. Crafted with NEST Tech lattice, the Super Tacks X increases breathability, offers premium comfort, and elite protection.
CCM Super Tacks AS1 Protective Review
The AS1 lineup improves upon the near perfect original Super Tacks, providing the elite protection the Tacks line has become known for while offering better adjustment and customization options. Let’s jump right into what CCM has done with their premier protective line.
CCM Super Tacks AS1 Gloves Review
The CCM Super Tacks AS1 gloves replace the previous generation Super Tacks, and offer the top of the line protection products in the Tacks line have become accustomed for, along with a feel that is matched by few gloves on the market today. Let’s get right into the details of CCM’s newest glove.
CCM Super Tacks AS2 Pro Hockey Stick Review
This year’s model of the Super Tacks stick comes in the form of the AS2 Pro. Much of the same thought process of designing the AS1 went into the AS2 Pro. This year’s edition is still a beast of a stick when it comes to durability and power. Aggressive shooters love this stick due to the shot power generated through the mid kick point.