Gear Reviews

Remembrance Day - History of Hockey and Those Lost to War
On November 11, Canada joins many other countries among the Commonwealth and others to celebrate our veterans and reflect on the many soldiers and people lost in conflict. For Remembrance Day, The Hockey Shop will also be taking the time to remember our fallen soldiers and the end of the Great Wars.
Labour Day - 4 Labour Movements that Shook the World of Hockey
On September 5th, Canada and the USA celebrate Labour Day, where we take the time to celebrate the many achievements of workers fighting for a better work environment. For Labour Day this year, we examine some of the biggest labour movements in hockey history.
National Indigenous Peoples Day - A History of Canadian Indigenous Peoples and Hockey
On June 21, Canada celebrates National Indigenous Peoples Day—a day where we observe the summer solstice (a very important event in many aboriginal cultures) and spend some time learning about the experiences, cultures, and history of the First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples.