Gear Reviews

Bauer Supreme Mach Skate Review
Before, Ultrasonic and Hyperlite contended as Bauer’s top-of-the-line skates. Now, Bauer is ascending to their newest generation of power and speed: the Supreme Mach elite-level skate. The Mach is not just the next stepping stone—it’s the next regime.
National Indigenous Peoples Day - A History of Canadian Indigenous Peoples and Hockey
On June 21, Canada celebrates National Indigenous Peoples Day—a day where we observe the summer solstice (a very important event in many aboriginal cultures) and spend some time learning about the experiences, cultures, and history of the First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples.
CCM Tacks AS-V Pro Gloves Review
CCM’s Tacks line is starting anew with sleek updated graphics and exceptional performance in their next A-series gloves. The new AS-V Pro player gloves combine many elite-level elements in their construction to keep your hands protected and ready to play.
CCM AS-V Pro Protectives Review
CCM’s newest chapter in the Tacks saga can be best described as refined, bold, and ambitious. With a brand new graphics palette coupled with an Anatomical Shield Design, the AS-V Pro looks to offer only the best in performance and protection.
TRUE Catalyst PX Stick Review
We said last time that TRUE is constantly raising the bar with every new stick release. Just a few months ago, they came out with their lightest stick to date, and now they’re back with an even lighter, more powerful stick than ever before. The Catalyst PX continues the legacy of both the 9X and Project X to offer better performance and increased durability.
Roller Wheel Maintenance: Swapping & Rotating Inline Skate Wheels
Inline hockey and roller skating can be great ways to keep up your training and play in the spring season. But like with all equipment, you are going to have to keep up a bit of maintenance on your skates, particularly in the wheels. Fortunately, there are strategies you can take to prolong the life of your wheels.
Flare Blades Review

There have been attempts in the past to craft new blades that would offer better glide, speed, feel, and ultimately performance. Despite possessing good potential and the right ideas, only a few of them were able to keep up with their hype and the value of traditional steel. Enter Flare Blades—over a decade of research at the University of Calgary led to the creation of revolutionary runners made with the finest Swedish steel that offer both amazing glide and bite.

Bauer Roller Hockey 2022 Skate Collection Review
The inline hockey and skating community varies greatly in terms of skill and ambition. Whether you have a passion for competitive, high-level inline hockey, are looking for some extra training, or just want to go out in the sun for some light exercise, Bauer has what you need in their newly updated Vapor roller hockey skate line.