Improve your flow... EC3D Compression
Can compression garments make you a better player? As a beer leaguer who recently returned to the ice after nearly 6 years on the IR due to a back injury I was extremely interested in how compression technology could help me. 
Improve your flow... EC3D Compression

Can compression garments make you a better player?

As a beer leaguer who recently returned to the ice after nearly 6 years on the IR due to a back injury I was extremely interested in how compression technology could help me. I’ve been in EC3D shorts, shirts and socks since my return to the game and use them in the gym as well. I’m blown away by how great this product is.

Compression tights, shorts, socks and shirts are becoming more and more popular among professional and non-professional athletes. Already commonly worn by football, Crossfit, ski/snowboard and MMA athletes I wanted to have a closer look at how these compression garments can benefit hockey players.

So, what are the benefits?

There are two answers to this question – the technical definitions that you can find in this chart and my review.

Here’s what I’ve experienced since wearing the shorts and long sleeved shirt. It offers so much support that it feels like my posture has been snapped into a fully upright position without sacrificing any mobility. And I’ve needed the extra core support after being away from the game for so long. Nobody’s exactly bouncing quarters off my stomach if you know what I mean.

One concern I had was that compression garments are a bit thicker than a standard hockey base layer and that they would be too hot. This surprisingly wasn’t the case at all. The fine folks at EC3D explained that their BCOOL fabric is the reason for this. I’m just happy it works.

My groin and hip flexors feel fully supported too. We see a lot of players coming into the shop looking for something to help with groin pulls. I’ve recommended the shorts and tights to quite a few customers and have received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

I’m going to pick up a pair of the jock shorts as well. This is one of our best selling pieces in the EC3D line up. I’m currently using the shorts with a traditional cup and garter but I’d prefer to have everything in one unit.

The EC3D compression socks are a really nice luxury to have if you can afford a pair. At $59.99 they’re not cheap but they’re worth every penny in my opinion. Easily the best socks I’ve ever worn inside of skates. I use them for snowboarding too and they’ve held together really well.

Because EC3D are such tight fitting garments, putting them on takes a bit of work. Check out this video for how to put on instructions. Once you figure out how they go on it’s a snap. Getting them off after a game is a different story…I mentioned earlier that I don’t exactly have the physique of the guy in the video. But it’s worth the extra effort to get all the performance benefits.

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IMPROVED BLOOD CIRCULATION EC3D compression garments direct blood flow from capillaries to blood vessels, enhancing oxygen exchange between the blood and muscles. This exchange primes the body for maximum efficiency and endurance.

BETTER BALANCE Your posture is enhanced when your muscles are cinched into place, and with good posture comes better stability.

REDUCED TOXINS LEFT IN MUSCLES Scientific tests have proven that EC3D compression garments reduce the accumulation of toxins in the muscles. Leaving you with less chance to have cramps during exercising and less soreness the nest day.

REDUCED MUSCLE OSCILLATION The compression zone is strategically placed around the muscles. This reduces muscle oscillation, which can cause micro-tears in the muscles.

INCREASED OXYGEN DELIVERY TO MUSCLES Strategic compression prevents blood pooling and better circulation, which in turn means better oxygenation of muscles. It will match oxygenation levels with the muscle’s energy demands.

REDUCED RECOVERY TIME Studies show that athletes who wear EC3D compression garments for three hours or more, right after strenuous activity, experience less inflammation and muscle soreness.

BETTER MUSCLE ALIGNMENT Seamless, graduated compression hugs the muscles where it counts, aligning the musculoskeletal system and allowing for precise movements.

How does it work? The balanced surface pressure that compression garments provide triggers improved blood circulation, which delivers more oxygen to working muscles. Better circulation also enables the body to eliminate lactic acid and other metabolic wastes that can cause muscle fatigue. Many companies claim to offer compression through their garments, but in reality you need a minimum of 15 mmHG* to be considered true medical-grade compression and get the results you need.

* the millimeter of mercury (mmHG) is the standard for blood pressure measurement. read more at


Why I love EC3D compression garments.

Their garments are a custom fit product. In order to properly size them we use a soft tape measurer to take the customer’s specific body measurements. Here’s their sizing chart if you want to check out how their sizing system works.

It’s awesome that they’re made in Canada by a family owned company. Based out of Montreal they make quality garments featuring antimicrobrial fibres, seamless stitching and silicone bands on the arms of the hockey top to keep your elbow pads from slipping.

Now if they only made a product to help me get my hands back… - written by Chad Purdy

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