CCM Ribcor Trigger 6 Pro Hockey Stick Review

November 12, 2021 | Written by Katie Lakusta
If the AS4 Pro makes your shot a rocket, the Trigger 6 Pro makes your release an illusion. The newest edition to the Trigger line will equip you with a sleight of hand proficient at tricking the goalie at all angles. CCM continues to upgrade its fan-favourite low kick hockey stick, and now they’ve reached their best iteration yet. If your game plan is typically to rush to the net for a quick shot, no questions asked and with no hesitation, then the Trigger 6 Pro may just be the perfect hockey stick for you.

Low Kick Point

The low kick point is rather distinguished in the hockey world.

With mid kick styles, the shot builds off potential energy from the longer shaft length for a harder shot. Because the flex point is lower on low kick, there is less shaft to bend, which means the release can be quicker—and that is precisely the goal of the Trigger 6 Pro.

The Trigger 6 Pro is perfect for more nimble-fingered players who maybe aren’t all that interested in winning that “Hardest Shot” competition. Why does it matter when you can get the same scoring results by slipping the puck past the goalie at a pace too fast for them to adjust? Low kick point hockey sticks are ideal for those whose plan of attack is to get up close and personal with their shots and dangles, and who like to get things done swiftly.

Agility Blade

The Trigger series continues to refine its blade for the low kick point style by using CCM’s Agility blade fabricated with peel-ply composite. We’ve already seen the Agility blade in previous high-end Ribcor models, and it’s been brought back so it can continue to give remarkable benefits to the shooter.

The Agility blade is thin with more linear flex for a stronger shot. It is also built strong enough to keep its torsional stiffness despite the linear flex augmentation, which helps it maintain its accuracy. The Trigger 6 Pro’s Agility blade specifically has been polished further to be thinner, softer, and stronger than it was in previous variants. The peel-ply is an extra layer placed on the blade during the manufacturing stage that integrates itself into the material. Once construction is done and it is pulled off, a tougher and zippier blade is left, optimized for popping goals in quickly.

Skeleton+ Technology

Skeleton+ may be in the AS4 Pro, but where it was meant to balance the AS4, it was built to enhance the Trigger 6 Pro. The taper is very important to the low kick point hockey stick since it has a part to play the low kick point’s renowned quick release. It’s also necessary to keep that area light. Skeleton+ allows CCM to strengthen the taper without adding weight. The further compressed carbon in the hosel not only reinforces it, but also adds more vertical flex, helping you have an even whippier shot.

Sigmatex Spread Tow & Nanolite Carbon Layering

Lightweight and durable characteristics are crucial in an elite hockey stick, particularly one that’s supposed to help you deceive a goalie. For the Trigger 6 Pro, CCM improved their combination of Nanolite Carbon Layering and Sigmatex Spread Tow. Unlike in other, more conventional CCM sticks, these features are present in not just the blade, but the shaft as well. Sigmatex was developed by a leader in aerospace technology and is both incredibly light and durable—pushing the weight of this stick at the highest flex to just 375g. Nanolite Carbon Layering is the method they use to weave the Sigmatex.

Ergonomic Geometry and Microfeel Grip

Quite frankly, you’re not going to get that quick shot off if you can’t get the stick to cooperate with your hands. That’s why CCM engineered their ergonomic geometry and Microfeel grip into the shaft of the Trigger 6 Pro. The ergonomic geometry means that the shaft has been specially molded in three places to allow your hands to grip the stick firmly and naturally. The Microfeel grip is relatively new, but it has the same goal in mind: give you a great feel and connection to the stick and the puck.

Final Thoughts

The CCM Ribcor series has always been a personal favourite of mine. And with innovations like the Agility blade and Skeleton+ Technology, the Trigger 6 Pro is marking itself as a major competitor for low kick point hockey sticks. It’s light, it’s nimble, and it will give you the finesse you need to make those signature snappy shots of the Ribcor family. This stick is definitely built for those infamous goalscorers who aim to get the puck into the net as fast as possible and by whatever means necessary.