CCM Ribcor Trigger 3D Hockey Stick Review

Written by Landon Foley

Released this past fall, the CCM Ribcor Trigger 3D is the newest member of the very popular CCM Ribcor line of sticks. Known for their incredibly quick release, the Ribcor line has always offered not only one of the top low kick stick options available, but one of the best sticks on the entire market, period.

The Trigger 3D replaces the Trigger 2, and is the 5th generation of the Ribcor line since CCM took it over from Reebok. Made for those who love their quick snapshots, the Trigger 3D builds upon the success of the Trigger 2, providing a stick that is worth being excited about. With improved energy transfer, increased durability and multiple other enhancements, the Trigger 3D further solidifies the Ribcor line’s place as one of the cream of the crop in the hockey stick industry.

Before we go deep into the specifics of the Trigger 3D, here is a short summary of what the stick has to offer:

Release Details

  • Release Model: CCM Ribcor Trigger 3D
  • Predecessor: CCM Ribcor Trigger 2
  • Pre-Order: September 28th
  • Launch: October 26th
  • Price: $319.99 SR |$299.99 INT | $199.99 JR

New Technology

  • Enhanced Pop Matrix
  • X-Flow technology
  • Speared Shaft Design
  • New Intermediate Shaft Geometry

Stick Construction

  • Construction Process: Speared 1-piece
  • Shaft Material: Sigmatex and X-Flow
  • Stiffness Profile: Low Kick
  • Weight: 445 grams (SR)

Stick Profile

  • Flex Profile: Optimized Ribcor Low Kick
  • Blade Profile: Ascent Blade 3
  • Shaft Geometry: Concave sidewalls, rounded corners
  • Senior Height: 62” (95 flex), 59” (85, 75, 70 flex)
  • Intermediate Height: 57” (65 flex), 55” (55 flex)
  • Junior Height: 52” (50 flex), 49” (40 flex)

Enhanced Pop Matrix Technology

The ever popular Pop Matrix technology makes a return in the Trigger 3D, but this time with some new improvements. Having long been a staple in the Ribcor line, CCM has honed in Pop Matrix over the years in order to maximize its effectiveness, and the Trigger 3D shows that CCM is determined to continue to enhance this incredible technology.

Pop Matrix has always been known for providing Ribcor sticks with a concave design in the lower portion of the shaft, placing tension on the stick’s fibers in order to pre-load the stick. This tension is what helps give you that seemingly effortless quick release that has become the Ribcor line’s bread and butter.

With the Trigger 3D, CCM has created a much smoother and gradual transition from the shaft into the Pop Matrix geometry, a change compared to the more aggressive approach used in previous models of the stick. This improvement results in less energy being lost when shooting the puck, while also maximizing the speed of release, giving you much more power in your shot without having to put in any increase in effort.

X-Flow Technology

One of the bigger upgrades to the Ribcor line in the Trigger 3D is the addition of X-Flow technology to the stick’s molding process. First introduced in CCM’s Super Tacks AS1 stick, this technology eliminates excess resin and space within the stick, condensing the fibers of the stick more. This process improves the consistency of the shaft’s thickness, which ultimately leads to a better strength-to-weight ratio.

That may sound all well and good, but you may be curious as to how much of an effect this new construction actually has on the stick’s performance. Well, count not only a reduction in weight as one of the benefits, but also an improvement in durability, making the Trigger 3D both lighter and stronger than its predecessors.

Ascent Blade 3

Returning from the Trigger 2, the Ascent Blade 3 provides a soft foundation from the blade’s heel all the way up to just before the toe, where the blade stiffens up. The soft, dampened parts of the blade allow the puck to stick to it better, helping prevent those painfully annoying moments when the puck pops off your stick right in the middle of that beautiful dangle around the d-man. Meanwhile, the stiff toe is perfect for players who love to shoot off of the toe of their stick, as it supplies your shots with some extra oomph.


Another carryover from the Trigger 2, Sigmatex returns in the Trigger 3D. This composite technology has been utilized in all three of CCM’s stick lines, and rightly so, considering that it allows the stick to be extremely lightweight, yet still incredibly strong. This dual-benefit of reduced weight and increased durability is able to occur due to Sigmatex’s high tension weaving process.

Speared-Shaft Design

Another slight adjustment CCM made in the Trigger 3D compared to the Trigger 2 is the implementation of a speared shaft. Essentially, the shaft of the Trigger 3D extends further down into the blade’s heel, allowing for much greater puck feel and responsiveness. I have to say, in trying the Trigger 3D out, the feel for the puck was absolutely incredible, and a lot of that was due to this speared design of the shaft.

New Intermediate Geometry

When designing the Super Tacks AS1 stick, CCM used feedback from elite women’s hockey players, as well as a cross-section of youth players, in designing the intermediate version of the stick. The result? Improvements to the measurements of the shaft’s width and the shaft’s height, allowing for increased comfort and control for the smaller hands of players who use intermediate sticks.

Fortunately, CCM has applied this new intermediate geometry to the Trigger 3D as well, and will do so for future stick models. I love what CCM has done in administering this change, as it will really help younger and/or smaller players feel more comfortable with their stick in their hands, an important aspect in using a stick that can sometimes be overlooked.

Final Thoughts

Armed with some incredible new technological improvements, while still carrying some of the strongest components of its predecessor, the CCM Ribcor Trigger 3D looks to be on its way to becoming one of the top sticks currently in use in the hockey community. During my brief time trying out the stick, I thought that CCM really hit the money on this one; providing unmatched puck feel with the trademark quick release that Ribcor loyalists have come to love. For those who favour low kick sticks, I highly recommend that you come over to the Shop and demo the Trigger 3D in our shooting room; you will not be disappointed.

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