CCM RIBCOR 70K Skate Review
July 12, 2017 - This is not just a slightly newer Ribcor with a fresh coat of paint and a few new bells and whistles. The Ribcor 70K is a total overhaul in the best way. 
CCM RIBCOR 70K Skate Review

This is not just a slightly newer Ribcor with a fresh coat of paint and a few new bells and whistles. The Ribcor 70K is a total overhaul in the best way. Ribcor skates haven't been the most popular choice for two main reasons; they were too heavy and didn't lock your heel in very well, relying heavily on the Pump to reduce slippage.

I was fortunate to be in the loop during the early design stages of the 70K. It was really cool to be able to give feedback and then see how the skate evolved into the final design which I'll be reviewing today. The designers at CCM did a great job with the final product.


I've was able to demo these at our annual Source for Sports trade show in Niagara Falls. The 70K skate was the big surprise of our demo day. The previous Ribcor line had lost its excitement and although I had seen some early design samples, I didn't really expect it to wow me like it did.

My first impression was how comfortable this skate was. I didn't expect it lock my heel in as good as it did. I experience zero heel slippage once I hit the ice. The weight reduction was noticeable and most importantly, it performed as good as any high-end skate I've played in. I really liked the range of mobility/flexion that it provided, allowing me to get deeper into my stride.

Let's have a closer at look at the tech & spec:


No Pump, no Lace-Lock

Going all the way back to previous RBK, Reebok, and CCM models, the DNA of these skates has always featured the Pump. It's been a staple feature of the fit of Ribcor skates. Until now.

In order to reduce weight and better align with what the pros have been using for years, the Pump has been removed. It's been replaced with what has to be the most comfortable ankle foam that has ever been used in a high-end skate. You can feel it right away by just pressing on this new foam with your fingers but you have to get them on your feet to truly appreciate how comfortable it is. This is the foam NHL'ers have been skating on for years and it's available for us mere mortals now.

Another long-term feature that's been removed to reduce weight and increase simplicity is the Lace-Lock. I used to skate on the Reebok 20K and personally liked how the Lace-Lock allowed me to differentiate how tight I kept my bottom lace pattern vs. my top eyelets. That said, the majority of customers found it a hassle. Again, it was another feature that was rarely found on the feet of pro Ribcor athletes.

The 70K weighs in at 795 grams in a size 8. This puts it right there as far as light weight performance high-end skates are concerned. It's a whopping 85 grams lights than last year's Ribcor 50K. This is a game changer for Ribcor.



Getting a proper fit is everything. The 70K skate features a lower volume forefoot, medium height instep, medium heel width. This is one of the most common foot profiles we see when fitting skates in store. Although we've deemed the heel to be medium width instead of narrow which is normally something we prefer, the new contoured heel and ankle shape along with new foam ankle pads is how the 70K achieves a great heel lock.


The out of the box feel is really nice and our staff found the fit even improved when Superfeet insoles are added. The Superfeet positions your heel in the skate perfectly to further lock you down.


FlexFrame Technology

Last year's Ribcor 50K featured EPP foam vs the full composite boot with carbon composite outsole found in the 70K. This is what allows the 70K to be stiffer and lighter.

CCM's skate design team has also developed what they're calling FlexFrame - Dual Axis Design. Here's what that fancy name does for you:

• Reinforced behind the heel for stiffness and rigidity to help maximize energy efficiency

More flexible in the front for better wrap and forward flexion

• This allows a player like Sidney Crosby to get more forward lean because of the flexion in the boot. It also allows him to push out further with his toes, creating more power. I'd say Sid is a pretty good skater.


Tri-Tech Tongue

CCM's proven Tri-Tech tongue features a heat-moldable lace bite pad insert that molds to the skater’s feet; on top of a pro-style felt tongue. This tongue does a good job increasing comfort and also helps to eliminate negative space in the boot.


Steel & Runner

Moving to the bottom of the skate, CCM outfit the 70K with the Speedblade 4.0 holder that has proven durability with an increased attack angle. Together, you’re able to get the most out of your stride with better cornering. As for the runner, Speedblade Black provides excellent performance and the oxide treatment on the steel increases edge life with enhanced resistance to corrosion.


Final Thoughts

Comfort, improved heel lock, and reduced weight are my highlights of the 70K. This skate provides a unique fit profile and is going to surprise a lot of players who are in the market for new jets this year.

We'll also be stocking Exclusive Source for Sports models featuring upgrades that provide really excellent value:

The new line-up Ribcor skates will be worth checking out no matter what price point you’re looking at.

As always, if you're in the market for new skates, swing by the shop or call us to get dialed in by one of our Pro-Formance Fit Certified skate fit experts.

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