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CCM Jetspeed Hockey Stick Review
The 2018 CCM JetSpeed is an elite level stick designed with speed in mind for today’s lightning fast game. The latest premier stick from CCM launches the JetSpeed line into the composite hockey stick world, as CCM turns the page and moves on from the RBZ.
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CCM Jetspeed Hockey Stick Review
CCM Jetspeed Stick Blade

The 2018 CCM JetSpeed is an elite level stick designed with speed in mind for today’s lightning fast game. The latest premier stick from CCM launches the JetSpeed line into the composite hockey stick world, as CCM turns the page and moves on from the RBZ.

The RBZ lineup was known for integrating golf club face technology into the sticks blade – a product of CCM’s affiliation with TaylorMade golf. While the golf/hockey hybrid technology was an impressive engineering feat, the playability of the RBZ stick always seemed a bit off. Some people loved it; some people hated it.

The JetSpeed is not the RBZ.

CCM Jetspeed Stick 2018

The Jetspeed’s Hybrid Kick Point flex profile allows players to adjust their hand placement for optimal shooting from anywhere on the ice and the new JetStream blade does a terrific job of balancing puck feel and blade stiffness. The new shaft dimension feels fantastic in your hands and keeps the blade face square for deadly accurate shots.

CCM’s newest stick lineup is brand new. From construction, to design, to playability, this stick is unlike anything CCM has produced before.

Here's the good news!

CCM Jetspeed Stick FeaturesCCM Jetspeed Stick Features

The 2018 Jetspeed is different than the RBZ... in a good way.

  • No more all white blade/shaft design.
  • No more all red blade/shaft design.
  • Metal alloy embedded blade? Gone.
  • Custom kick point? Gone.
  • The 2018 Jetspeed looks good, feels good, and plays well.

  • Black, white, red colour scheme.
  • Terrific puck feel and control.
  • New hybrid kick point profile.
  • Brock Boeser uses the Jetspeed.

  • 2x NHL Rookie of the Month.
  • NHL All-Star Game.
  • All-Star Game SuperSkills Accuracy Winner.
  • NHL All-Star Game Tournament MVP.
  • Reduced price-point across all categories.

  • Senior - $299.99
  • Intermediate - $299.99
  • Junior - $199.99
  • CCM Jetspeed Stick Shaft

    If you've read this far, I'm sure you want to know all about the new CCM stick. Before moving into a deep dive, here are the Jetspeed launch details and tech specs at a glance.

    Release Details

  • Release Model: CCM Jetspeed Hockey Stick (2018)
  • Predecessor: CCM RBZ FT1 Hockey Stick (2017) / Revolution / Speedburner / Superfast / Stage 2 / RBZ
  • Preorder: June 22, 2018
  • Launch: July 29, 2018
  • Price: $299.99 SR/INT - $199.99 JR
  • Key Technology

  • Hybrid Kick Point
  • Jetstream Blade with Dampening Layer Technology
  • New Jetspeed Shaft Dimensions
  • Aramid Reinforced Toe and Heel
  • Stick Profile

  • Flex Profile: Close hands - Low kick / Wide hands - Mid kick
  • Blade Profile: Regular Stiffness - Feel + Control
  • Shaft Geometry: Concave Sidewalls / Round Corners / Convex Top + Bottom
  • Weight: 420 Grams (Senior 85 Flex)
  • Standard Height: 59" (85 + 75 Flex)
  • Extended Height: 62" (105 + 95 Flex)
  • Stick Construction

  • Construction Process: Fused Two-Piece
  • Shaft Material: Sigmatex 18K Weave Composite
  • Stiffness Profile: Standard Upper / Soft Mid / Stiff Mid-Low / Soft Lower
  • Blade Material:Sigmatex 12K Weave Composite
  • Blade Design:Jetstream Multi-Channel Blade
  • CCM Jetspeed Sigmatex

    New JetSpeed Graphics

    I’m not afraid to say it. The RBZ line stuck out in a bad away. The all white graphics in the early models, and then all red in the later models didn’t do it for me. It was the perfect stick for the flashy player looking to stand out, but those style junkies are a dying breed.

    The JetSpeed is a different kind of flashy. It’s about letting your play do the talking, not a paint job.

    The JetSpeed design is subtle and clean with a dark grey base and red accents. A clear coat on the blade shows off the Sigmatex 12K weave. Overall this stick looks slick and is more in line with the Tacks and Ribcor CCM lines.

    CCM Jetspeed Stick Shaft

    New Hybrid Kick Point

    I know hybrid kick point sounds a lot like custom kick point, but I can assure you the flex profile on the JetSpeed is completely different than the RBZ. Similar concepts, entirely different execution.

    To start, the JetSpeed has a soft taper towards the bottom of the shaft. For guys that like to load the stick with their wrists, the soft taper provides a snappy release. No surprise a guy like Boeser uses the JetSpeed. Boeser is a quick draw champion with one of the smoothest shot releases in the league.

    What makes the JetSpeed special, is the “stiffness bump” just above the tapered area. CCM says this stiffened section creates a hinge effect where the soft regions above and below will flex independently.

    This design allows the shooter to take advantage of two different kick points depending on where you place your hands. Quick snapshot with your top and bottom hands close together? Quick release low kick point.

    Booming clapper with your bottom hand low? Fully loaded mid kick point.

    It doesn’t matter if you play defense or forward, this dual threat is an excellent addition to your arsenal.

    CCM Jetspeed Blade Front

    New JetStream Blade

    Well balanced, lightweight, and a unique blend of feel and consistency. The JetStream construction checks all the boxes for an elite hockey blade.

    The patented multi-channel design creates a lively face, so the puck explodes off the blade. The blade stiffness is what CCM calls “regular,” and basically this ensures the blade doesn’t flex or twist on impact, keeping your shots on point.

    CCM Jetspeed Blade Back

    To complement the live face, CCM has added a dampening layer the entire blade face. Just a nice touch to improve puck feel. The subtle dampening effect is noticeable on the ice when receiving passes or one-timing pucks.

    For the crazy guys that only wrap a couple of strands of tape on their blade, CCM added a textured finish to grip the puck a bit better. This texture also makes re-taping the blade a bit easier.

    To beef up common wear areas, CCM added Aramid composite reinforcement technology to the heel and toe to improve blade longevity.

    CCM Jetspeed Stick Shaft

    New Shaft Dimensions

    New shaft dimensions are a minor change, but for me, a welcome change. Rounded corners are great for puck handling as they allow your bottom hand to roll and twist easily between backhand and forehand positioning.

    Rounded corners can cause the blade to twist when shooting, so CCM has complemented this shape with double concave sidewalls. I’ve always been a fan of the hollow sidewalls. Concave means that the sidewalls of the shaft curve inward slightly.

    This design produces a smooth channel that your fingers can lock into with when gripping the stick; Keeping the blade face square through impact.

    Like I said, minor changes, and personal preference, but these shaft dimensions were well thought out with performance in mind.

    CCM Jetspeed Stick

    New Variable Stick Height

    Variable height is a great feature CCM has offered with their Tacks and Ribcor lines. The high flex sticks have a 3” extension added on. The extra length saves the need for the tall guys to add an extension to the stick.

    It’s a trend that started at the pro level that has trickled down to retail. Overall it just makes sense.

    Final Thoughts

    I know I sound like a broken record at this point, but I want to emphasize that the JetSpeed has been re-created from top to bottom to align with and compliment the Tacks and Ribcor families. After giving the RBZ line a try several times, I realized it wasn’t for me and has shied away from new releases.

    That changed with the JetSpeed. This stick feels familiar and new at the same time. I truly believe CCM will win players back to the red and black in the stick department.

    The Tacks and the Ribcor earned your trust, so give the JetSpeed a whirl, you won’t be disappointed.

    JetSpeed Offering

    105 Flex – 62” – P28 | P29 | P30
    95 Flex – 62” – P28 | P29 | P30 | P14 | P15 | P38 | P40 | P45 | P46
    85 Flex – 59” – P28 | P29 | P30 | P14 | P15 | P38 | P40 | P45 | P46
    75 Flex – 59” – P28 | P29 | P30 | P14 | P15 | P38 | P40 | P45 | P46

    65 Flex – 57” – P28 | P29 | P30 | P14 | P15 | P38 | P40 | P45 | P46 
    55 Flex – 55” – P28 | P29 | P30

    50 Flex – 52” – P28 | P29 | P30
    40 Flex – 49” – P28 | P29 | P30

    CCM Jetspeed Hockey Stick

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