CCM Jetspeed FT6 Pro Glove Review

May 10, 2023 || Written by Katie Lakusta
Are you in search of the perfect pair of hockey gloves to take your game to the next level? Look no further than the new Jetspeed FT6 Pro hockey gloves from CCM. These gloves combine top-of-the-line materials and cutting-edge technology to provide players with the ultimate combination of protection, comfort, and performance. From the Sensalast Palm Reinforcement to the Pro Flexthumb, every aspect of these gloves has been designed with the modern player in mind. The Jetspeed line also debuts the Aer-Tec Thermoregulation System, brand-new to the market and offering a nearly weightless design and enhanced ventilation.

Aer-Tec Thermoregulation System

We saw something similar before in the AS-V Pro with Nest Tech—The Aer-Tec Thermoregulation and Ventilation Systems. NestTech offered similar ventilation through extra padding; with the FT6, padding and strategically placed ventilation ports have been weaved into the construction to offer pro-level coverage while keeping the gear as light and aerated as possible.

The gloves feature three low-profile ventilation ports in the backhand, strategically placed to optimize ventilation. Additionally, the Pro FlexThumb is designed with a ventilated mesh backing that also helps to improve airflow. With these features, the gloves not only offer excellent protection but also provide exceptional comfort, allowing you to focus on your game with confidence.

Pro FlexThumb

Beyond just the new Aer-Tec addition in the FlexThumb’s design, the Pro FlexThumb has returned in the FT6 Pro and is a feature seen quite often in CCM’s highest-end hockey gloves. The premise behind the FlexThumb is a two-piece thumb that promotes more unrestricted and natural motion. This in turn makes it even easier to hold the stick exactly how you want it, whether that’s with a stronger grip or if you want to keep it nice and loose.

SensaLast Pro Palm

SensaLast Pro and Sensalast palm reinforcement debuts in the entire FT6 series, offering an amazing combination of comfort, durability, and protection. The material’s design is a blend of various materials, including nylon and polyurethane woven together to create a textured surface for superior stick feel and control. Due to the nature of the weave and the materials used in the SensaLast palm’s creation, this feature on the FT6 Pro is also incredibly resistant to water and wear. 

On the FT6 Pro, SensaLast is placed on top of the Pro Clarino base palm, another reliable palm material made of synthetic leather that ensures the most comfortable fit possible.

Pre-Angled Open FlexCuff

The FlexCuff is a returning feature on the FT6 Pro glove designed to provide a greater range of motion and flexibility for the wrist. 

The cuff of the glove is constructed with a flexible material that allows the wrist to move more freely while still maintaining the protective padding needed for hockey. The FlexCuff is typically located on the backhand of the glove and moves independently of the rest of the glove, allowing for that increased mobility and more natural movement you want in a high-end hockey glove. This feature is especially useful for players who rely on wrist movements for stickhandling and shooting.

Premium Zotefoam

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Zotefoam being used in CCM gear, but there’s a reason it’s back. Zotefoam is a proprietary technology developed by Zotefoams PLC, a UK-based foam manufacturer, and is known for its high performance and durability—notable qualities seen from this foam in the hockey gear it’s used in. In the FT6 Pro, this foam is in charge of protecting and cushioning your fingers, which is a highly delicate area and a big job to fill.

This material is a closed-cell foam that is resistant to water, chemicals, and UV radiation, making it ideal for use in sports equipment that is exposed to harsher environments and temperatures, such as ice hockey. Additionally, Zotefoam is lightweight and flexible, making it an excellent choice for protective gear that needs to be comfortable while allowing for enhanced mobility. Zotefoam’s high quality and excellent protective properties display why it was a perfect choice to keep in the FT6 Pro.

Final Thoughts

The Jetspeed FT6 Pro hockey gloves are an excellent choice for any player looking for a high-performance and protective glove. CCM really took to their goal of “speed and agility to leave defensemen in the dust” with this one. We were really excited to see the Aer-Tec Thermoregulation System in the protectives already, and in the gloves, it just makes the gear feel so light yet so connected with the player and the stick. Overall, if you’re looking for a glove that combines top-of-the-line performance with high-end protection and cooling properties, the Jetspeed FT6 Pro hockey gloves are an excellent choice.

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