CCM Jetspeed FT4 Pro Stick Review: Redefined Scoring from Anywhere

August 27, 2021 | Written by Ryan Ross & Mac Colasimone

Score from Anywhere with the FT4 Pro

The CCM Jetspeed team strikes again! No longer a secret with pro snipers in the NHL, you too can be the talk of the league with the new Jetspeed FT4 Pro hockey stick. CCM has once again outdone themselves with some groundbreaking innovation technology including Nanolite Carbon Layering, Sigmatex, R-Geometry, and the all-new Skeleton+ Technology.

Perfectly Balanced

The FT4 Pro offers a perfect balance of weight, durability, balance, and pop. This coupled with its signature Hybrid kick-point will have you scoring from just about anywhere out on the ice.

One thing we love about the FT4 Pro is that it provides the confidence to get shots off with velocity even when you're a bit off balance or in a tricky spot.

Sigmatex & Nanolite Carbon

Sigmatex Carbon Fiber and Nanolite Carbon Layering help to make the FT4 Pro truly elite. Sigmatex is one of the lightest, strongest, and most efficient materials in sticks today. It is layered in a fine-tuned, advanced manner that absolutely shreds off the weight of the stick. 370 grams in a senior stick?! Are you kidding me? Now that’s light!

New RR-90 Blade

The game is changing—speed, agility, puck control are all key elements in today’s game. This is where CCM’s all-new RR-90 blade comes into play. The core is designed with an exclusive dampening material that optimizes the stiffness of the blade to provide the right mix of control and pop transfer from blade to puck. The blade is also reinforced with Sigmatex technology to further increase the stiffness and durability of the blade.

Signature Hybrid Kick Point

Quickly becoming a fan favourite, the signature Hybrid Kick point bridges the gap between the powerful mid-kick point and the quick-releasing low-kick point - yes this means the best of both worlds. This creates a hinge effect for greater power and speed. The hybrid flex point coupled with the RR-90 blade helps to eliminate any twisting during a shot. The result is a nearly perfect shot release no matter if you’re teeing off a one-timer from the point of deceptively getting a quick shot off in tight near the net.

Pro-Inspired P90TM Curve

With the Jetspeed FT4 Pro, the P90TM Curve is available. Extremely popular with Pro players, the P90TM blends the P29 and P29 curves and adds a subtle toe curve. Combined with a max height blade and lower lie, this blade pattern is ideal for the player looking for an edge on face-offs or to help with tipping pucks.

Final Thoughts

I was fortunate enough to give the FT4 Pro a whirl. I immediately noticed that the stiffness and pop off the blade when I was shooting. The versatility of the hybrid kick-point mixed with the lightweight feel explains why it is one of the most popular sticks currently in the NHL. My shot was consistent and had great control while stickhandling. This may be a biased opinion, but damn does this stick ever look good. The slick black design with a splash of Jetspeed red is sure to catch some people staring. Simply put this stick is a beast. Whether you’re a defenseman, centre, or a winger, the Jetspeed FT4 Pro has you covered.