CCM AS3 Pro Skate Review

The Super Tacks AS3 Pro skate brings a lot of refinement and an impressive new feature to the table for the 2020 season. As elite level skate prices continue to edge upwards; you want to know every detail has been carefully designed if you’re going to pay top dollar. That’s what grabbed my attention as I sat down to write about the Super Tacks AS3 Pro skate. This is a great looking skate but what impressed me the most was all the little details that have been improved. Improvements like upgraded ankle pads and stiffer carbon boot package as well as little details like new abrasion resistant eyelet trims and improved rubber comfort edge show that the designers at CCM are working hard to level up your skates. Read on to find out what’s new for the AS3 Pro skate and what’s been improved compared to the previous Tacks AS1 model.

CCM AS3 Pro Skate

One-Piece Boot

CCM’s One-Piece Boot construction continues to be a popular choice for high-performance skaters. If you’re not already aware of the benefits of a one-piece boot, I’d describe it as better wrapping while giving you a closer feel to the ice.

CCM AS3 Pro Skate

Energy Transfer

Because a one-piece boot is 34% closer to the holder compared to a 2-piece construction, CCM’s testing shows 29% higher energy transfer at the forefoot and a 67% improvement at the heel. I had a chance to demo the AS3 Pro’s back in November in Niagara Falls at our Source for Sports Demo Day and you can truly feel that closer connection to the ice on push offs and in sharp turns.

CCM AS3 Pro Skate

AS3 Stiffness

The AS3 Pro has also been stiffened compared to the AS1. A larger and stiffer carbon pattern results in CCM’s stiffest Tacks skate yet. The added stiffness will improve energy transfer and responsiveness in key movements like starts, stops and tight turns. This especially will benefit bigger players and those who typically break down their skates quicker than average.

ccm tech sheetv
CCM AS3 Pro Skate

Improved Memory Foam Comfort Pads

Out of the box fit and comfort is one of the most important things to our customers when it comes time to buy a new pair of skates. The AS3 Pro increases the thickness of the ankle pads 67% compared to the AS1 to improve fit. This should also help prevent the ankle foams from bottoming out for players who are on the ice daily. 

Additional forefoot foams have also been added for comfort and extra stability.

CCM AS3 Pro Skate

Like the fit of the AS1, the Super Tacks AS3 Pro skate continues to feature a medium volume forefoot, medium height instep, medium heel width. The Tacks fit is the most common foot profiles we see here at the shop. For players with wider feet, the EE width has been adjusted to create a clear width separation from a D width. The new EE fit is now 3.1mm wider at the forefoot and 2mm wider at the heel.


Removable Tongue

One of the big innovations for the AS3 Pro skate is the ability to customize your tongue. It’s a simple concept that surprisingly hasn’t been thought of up until now. A small seamless 2-pin clipping system now makes it easy to swap tongues without comprising the connection to the toe cap. With different tongue thickness options available, you can now increase or decrease the inner fit volume of your boot to achieve a customized fit. The stock tongue on the AS3 Pro is a standard 7mm felt with high-density foam protective inserts. The aftermarket XS Tongue options are Slim, Regular or Extra and sell for $89.99 ea.

CCM AS3 Pro Skate

Tongue Replacements

  • XS Slim - 4mm black tongue provides additional boot volume and is 20 grams lighter than the stock AS3 Pro tongue.
  • XS Regular - 7mm white felt tongue with D30 provides 20% more protection than the stock AS3 Pro tongue.
  • XS Extra - 10mm black felt tongue with D30 provides 20% more protection and to help fill boot volume.
  • Available in sizes XS (1-3.5)| S (4-5.5) | M (6-7.5) | L (8-9.5) | XL (10-12.5)

The replaceable XS Tongue is available for most 2020 Tacks skate models so that all levels of skaters can also utilize this custom fit option.

CCM AS3 Pro Skate


TOTALDRI Pro+ is a proven high-performance, moisture-wicking material that helps keep your feet dry and your skates light. DURAZONE abrasion-resistant patches have once again been added to assist with liner durability. DURAZONE does a good job preventing wear and tear where the tongue meets the top eyelets and has now been added to the tendon guard.

CCM AS3 Pro Skate


Each pair of Tacks AS3 Pro comes with a free pair of CCM’s Orthomove footbed. This insole allows you to customize the arch support to your foot’s fit profile. These adjustable inserts allow maximum customization in an insole – remove the insert if you have a low arch, add the 4mm insert for a medium arch, and add the 7mm insert if you have a high arch. I like that you can play around with the position of the inserts as well. Customization is always a good thing when it comes to skate fitting.

CCM AS3 Pro Skate

Steel & Runner

Speedblade Xchange System is now in its second season. CCM’s quick-change blade system makes changing your steel a breeze - the BladeLock system is easy to use and the steel locks firmly in place. The steel on the AS3 Pro is Speedblade XS1 Black (+2mm). This is a premium oxide-treated blade that is 12% taller than the original Speedblade Black blade for more aggressive turning and extra sharpening life.

CCM AS3 Pro Skate

Add it all up and the connection between holder and steel is very firm and solid, which translates into better energy transfer when skating. As a side note, CCM recently purchased Step Steel but Step Steel options will only be available on custom order skates. Aftermarket Step Steel will be available for all CCM holders by mid-August.

CCM AS3 Pro Skate

90 Day Fit Guarantee

CCM continues to offer their best in class 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee program. CCM is so sure that you will love your new AS3 Pro skates that if you aren’t satisfied for any reason, you can return them within 90 days of purchase. Their 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee also applies to all senior skate models over $199 and all intermediate and junior skate models over $99.

Size & Price Info

  • Senior - 7-12 D, EE (full and half sizes) | $1149.99
  • Junior - 3-6.5 D, EE (full and half sizes) | $899.99

Final Thoughts

We’ve seen Super Tacks skates really develop a following over the past few years for the way they fit and perform. The AS3 Pro skate is a nice evolution that will continue to keep existing Tacks fans happy while also converting players who haven’t yet given them a spin. With their best in class 90-day skate fit guarantee, CCM has put their money where their mouth is and reduced any risk if you’re on the fence If you live in the Vancouver area, stop by the shop and try a pair on for yourself. If you can’t visit us in person, give us a call anytime and we’d be happy to discuss which skate is right for you. Make sure to follow us on social media, by Liking us on Facebook, and following us on Instagram and Twitter!

Written By: Chad Purdy


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