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Bauer Vapor 1X Skates review
Besides being one of the sexiest looking skates we’ve ever seen, the Bauer Vapor 1X brings a lot of new technologies to talk about. 
March 2015
Bauer Vapor 1X Skates review

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Besides being one of the sexiest looking skates we’ve ever seen, the Bauer Vapor 1X brings a lot of new technologies to talk about. The Bauer Vapor 1X skate launched on April 24th 2015 and all the boys at the shop are pretty excited about this skate.

Drawing technologies from the OD1N performance lab, Bauer’s new boot construction looks like it’s going to set a new standard for on-ice performance and out-of-the-box customization.

Our staff found the heel and ankle lock to be very good. Highly heat formable, the fit of this new Bauer Vapor skate is better than ever.

Bauer Vapor 1X Skate

There’s also a new tongue design which contributes to the improved fit. The Form Fit Lite felt tongue is a combination of 52oz and 40oz felt with Curv composite inserts. The designers at Bauer set out to improve the overall integration of skate and foot while still providing a high level of protection and increased support…and they did a pretty bang up job on this.

Aluminized Curv composite upper & ankle support

Bauer has reduced weight with their boot construction using a combination of lighter weight Curv composite upper and ankle supports.

This allows them to maintain a similar overall skate weight. Maybe you’re wondering how the skate can be a similar weight if they’ve reduced the weight of the boot itself.

The reason for this is that the new Tuuk LS4 stainless steel runner is actually heavier than the Fusion steel used in last year’s Apx2 skate. The trade off is worth it though.


The LS4 is a completely new elite grade of stainless steel that has an improved surface finish for a cleaner, stronger sharpening edge. There’s also an additional 3mm in the steel height and an improved out of the box profile compared to Tuuk LS3.

The Tuuk Edge holder provides sharper and tighter turns without “bottoming out” through an increase of 3mm in overall height. It also features an innovative trigger system that allows players to change steel in seconds without missing a shift. This has been a huge feature for those performance players that carry additional sets of steel…and chances are if you’re in the market for a pair of 1X skates you fit into the performance category.

37.5 Technology liner

37.5 was introduced last year in Bauer’s training apparel and base layer. This kick-ass liner technology keeps your feet dry and locked in place for better control. It also helps your skates to dry out quicker in between ice times.

How does it work?

37.5™ material is made up of millions of tiny particles that are embedded into the fabric to increase the surface area. These particles act like "hot rocks" in a sauna allowing sweat to evaporate, rather than just being wicked away from your body.

These "hot rock" particles attract sweat and evaporate it when your body heats up. Because evaporated sweat is a gas, it finds its way into the air, allowing the fabric to stay almost unbelievably dry, even during heavy use.

This video shows how this process works pretty well:

Comfort matters to a hockey player just as much as performance. Bauer Premium socks also feature 37.5 technology. Wearing these socks will provide a compounding effect of moisture management when worn with the 37.5 liner of the 1X skate.


As always, fit is the most important thing to consider when buying a new skate. Visit us in store - our skate fit specialists have all been trained and certified with the Pro-formance Fit Advantage system, developed by Source for Sports. We'll perform a full foot analysis and evaluation to make sure you get the best fitting skates possible.


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