Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Protective Review

Bauer Supreme UltraSonic Protective Review

June 25th , 2021

Reviewed by: Chad Purdy

UltraSonic Gloves

External Material

The external material used on the UltraSonic is the Pro Lite Tex and PU skin overlay. This material helps keep the glove lightweight and very durable during play.

Backhand Protection

The top of the glove features a triple-density foam with Poron XRD. This glove provides the highest level of protection available on the market.

Finger Design & Protection

The Bauer UltraSonic glove introduces the new Shot Boost fingers that allow you to get a great feel on the stick. This, accompanied by the triple-density foam throughout each finger, allow you to maximize movement in your hand without sacrificing any protection. Additionally, Bauer has added extra padding along the side of the pinky finger.

Thumb Design

The Bauer UltraSonic has carried forward with their patented 3-piece flex lock thumb which will protect you from impacts and any possible hyperextension of the thumb.

Cuff Design

The AMP (Active Motion Protection) not only provides great protection, but also allows for an exceptional amount of wrist motion. In addition, the cuff roll is pre molded, and showcases Bauer’s 3D molded logo. Whether you’re shooting or dangling through the middle, this glove has you covered.

Palm Material & Gussets

The UltraSonic glove comes with the Max Connekt light grey palm. This palm is the most commonly used palm across the NHL and Pro level. What makes this palm so popular is the soft feel, and instant connection you feel straight away from hand to stick. Furthermore, the gussets (or in simpler terms, the material in between the fingers) is a soft elastic like fabric that keeps you at the top of your game.

Thermo Core Liner

The UltraSonic glove features the Thermo Core liner which is a moisture wicking material that will help regulate the heat build-up inside the glove and help prevent the glove from getting too wet during play. This keeps your hands dry, cool, and comfortable.

UltraSonic Pants

External Materials

The Bauer Supreme UltraSonic pant features a Pro level 840D Nylon shell with additional overlays in high wear areas for better durability. Bauer has also added stretch areas to the inner thigh and crotch which allow the legs to move more naturally without restriction.

Thigh Protection

The thigh guards in the UltraSonic pant area Hyperlite high-density foam with plastic inserts. These are anatomically formed and wrap nicely around the thigh to give a low profile look and feel. This allows the pads to move with the body and prevent the pants from rotating during contact.

The inserts are also removable if you are ever in need of getting a logo embroidered.

Hip Protection

A segmented lightweight foam package in the hips offers great protection in what is usually a high contact area which doesn’t add any unnecessary weight to the pants. The hip also uses Bauer’s AMP (Active Motion Protection) technology which allows the pants to follow your movements.

Kidney Protection

New to the UltraSonic, Bauer has added segmented kidney protection with a Flex Forward break. This protects the player and allows for maximum mobility and efficiency on the ice.

Spine Protection

The Bauer UltraSonic pant uses an independent spine protection piece which moves with the body during play and adds Vented Armour Foam and ADPTV skin. This is a protective and reliable material that keeps the lower spine protected from any unwanted contact.

Belt/Lace Closure

The belt on the UltraSonic pants is covered by MD foam which offers an additional layer of protection between the thigh and kidney pads. Bauer has also added a zippered extension feature which allows the player to add an additional 1” to the overall length. This feature is beneficial to the player who finds themselves in a possible growth spurt mid season, or in between sizes.

Leg Zippers

The inner legs of the UltraSonic pants have an enclosed zipper opening that can be used if the player prefers a looser fit in the thighs. These also make it easier to put the pants on for those that choose to put their skates on before their pants when getting dressed - just don’t forget skate guards!

UltraSonic Shin Guards

Shin Protection

The Ultrasonic shin pad features the new anatomically molded shin cap. It’s infused with (AMP) Active Motion Protection technology segmentation for effortless bend at the knee. This technology allows you to move freely while still offering elite level protection.

Knee Cap & Protection

The kneecap is equipped with Bauer’s new ErgoDynamic Lab knee. This provides a deeper fit into the shin pad for full coverage protection. The knee wing, aka the side of the knee, features vented armour foam to cover openings when bending during a stride.The Ultrasonic also offers a flexible high-density foam thigh protector along the top of the kneecap for added protection when bending your knee.

Calf Protection + Strapping

Along the calf, the Ultrasonic features ADAPTIV skin calf guard. This provides low profile protection that conforms to your body shape.

Comfort Lock anchor straps along the back of the kneecap and mid-calf locks the shin pad in place not allowing movement or shifting during play.


The UltraSonic features Bauer’s ThermoCore liner which is infused with an antimicrobial, anti-odor, and sweat management system to help keep you cool and dry.

Additionally, the liner has a second layer of protection with Poron XRD ® foam with a flexible skate zone. This zone allows you to comfortably get the shin pad over your skate and flex with your stride. To put the cherry on top, the liner is also removable, and easily washable! 

UltraSonic Shoulder Pads

Shoulder Caps & Protection

The UltraSonic shoulder features a new AMP shoulder cap with Vent Armour Foam. Bauer has specifically designed the Active Motion Protection (AMP) technology to allow the shoulder cap to move with you. The Vent Armour Foam offers elite level protection, without sacrificing any mobility.

Sternum Protection

The new ADAPTIV Skin Sternum is low profile and provides protection that morphs to your body shape. The Ultrasonic also features a sternum front panel that floats over top of the ADAPTIV Skin. This technology allows you to move freely with the shoulder pad, while still having the protection you require.

Spine Protection

The spine protection on Ultrasonic consists of Bauer’s Vented Armour Foam. This is a full coverage molded vest that extends around to the ribs limiting any unprotected areas on the upper body.


Bauer’s ThermoCore liner is infused with an antimicrobial, anti-odor, and sweat management system to helps regulate body temperature and dry quickly.

Bicep Protection

The UltraSonic shoulder pad features an adjustable split bicep. The AMP technology design within the bicep pieces has no restriction in movement and allows you to have a full range of motion on the ice.

Abdominal Protection Piece

The extended abdominal protection piece is removable, giving you the option to leave it on for full coverage, or removing it if there’s any interference with the pants.

UltraSonic Elbow Pads

Bicep & Forearm Protection

The Bauer Supreme UltraSonic is specifically constructed to move with you. It offers a full coverage anatomical split cap design for effortless elbow movements, and an independent bicep that hovers over the soft spot on the bicep where you are most susceptible to slashes and crosschecks. Finally, the forearm has a molded 360 degree design for an unmatched comfort feel with ADAPTIV skin protection to follow your every movement.

Elbow Cap

The Elbow cap features AMP (Active Motion Protection) that allows the elbow pad to move freely with your motions. The elbow pocket has an extremely soft memory foam like material that allows your elbow to sit comfortably in the pocket. Furthermore, the cap is covered with a soft molded foam cover for added comfort and protection.

Strapping System

The Supreme UltraSonic has 3 straps. Firstly, the ComfortLock Anchor strap wraps directly onto the top of the forearm. The anchor strap is extremely comfortable and stretches to your preference. Secondly, the forearm strap locks the ADAPTIV Skin overtop of the forearm and lastly, the third strap holds the bicep protector in place covering the soft spot on the bicep where you are most susceptible to slashes and crosschecks.

Final Thoughts

The UltraSonic protective series really does a great job moving with your body. While being highly protective, it sits somewhere between a low and mid profile line of gear. If you're looking for a high level of protection in a lightweight package, the UltraSonic is definitely worth a look!

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