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Bauer Supreme 1S LE Stick Review
An evolution has taken place within Bauer and the 1S LE brings Bauer’s best to the forefront. Let’s help you put the puck in the back of the net with the Bauer 1S Limited Edition.
Bauer Supreme 1S LE Stick Review

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Bauer Supreme 1S LE Stick sticks

Ignite your game with Maximum Power Kick technology, taking your shot to the next level—and the back of the net.

First, Bauer introduced the Vapor 1X, then the Nexus 1N, and now the Supreme 1S LE has arrived to round out the latest line of sticks. Bauer is looking to build upon the successful TotalONE name that have been known for their explosive power with their latest creation. With Bauer’s three new releases, they have harmonized each line for specific characteristics. Specifically looking at the Supreme 1S LE, it has that mainstay Amplified Mid-Kick for those full motion shots like the snap or slap shot. Typical of the Supreme line, the goal is to maximize energy transfer so you have the hardest shot possible - 1S is no different. An evolution has taken place within Bauer and the 1S LE brings Bauer’s best to the forefront. Let’s help you put the puck in the back of the net with the Bauer 1S Limited Edition.

Bauer Supreme 1S LE Stick sticks

Limited Edition Graphic

Like Bauer’s Limited Edition sticks of the past, the Bauer Supreme 1S receives the same treatment with a slick, black, grey, and orange look to help give the stick some new flare. At The Shop, we feel that Bauer has done an excellent job making the stick look unique and different when you’re out on the ice. Of course you can expect that same excellent 1S feel and power during use, you’ll just have more style points.

Bauer Supreme 1S LE Stick sticks


Similar to Supreme sticks before its time, the 1S LE relies upon the shaft to produce maximum power output with minimum energy input from the user. Bauer achieves this by implementing their new “Maximum Power Kick” technology - this new design attempts to offer the hardest shot with the addition of a higher kick point to allow for an increase in the amount of energy transferred during each shoot. To make the higher kick point a possibility, Bauer stiffened the bottom of the shaft to aid in the loading of the stick.

The Supreme Power Shaft features a double concave taper that is thicker in the hosel and works in conjunction with the Amplified Mid-Kick flex profile. This reduces the amount of shaft movement during powerful shots helping keep the blade aligned for increase accuracy as well as efficiency, and we all want that.

Bauer Supreme 1S LE Stick sticks


As players, we all crave more puck feel and control when stickhandling and Bauer has done an excellent job at balancing feel and durability with Power Sense Core 2 blade construction. Essentially, Bauer has integrated Sense layer materials with the TeXtreme carbon fiber on the outer portion of the blade to reduce the overall weight while still providing dampening performance. From our initial testing, the feel of the blade is excellent and we felt no slowdown during the many shots that we took with the stick.

The Bauer 1S features Bauer’s Pure Shot Blade Profile design that is optimized to increase the connection point between the blade-hosel transition. The expanded throat effectively, reduces the amount of blade deflection as in the twisting, or opening up of the blade; this increases the control of the blade while allowing you to snipe the puck wherever you aim.

Familiar Technical Features

This is Bauer’s single molding process designed to remove excess material like overlapping layers, resin and foam waste. In summary – improving the balance of the stick and reducing the overall weight.

Exclusive to Bauer in hockey, Textreme is an ultra-lightweight carbon fiber that is 20% lighter than conventional carbon – reducing weight without decreasing strength.

Bauer’s proprietary resin system with carbon nanotube reinforcements. Designed to increase durability by reducing the spread of micro-fractures caused by slashes and puck impacts.

Bauer Supreme 1S LE Stick sticks


With Bauer now having three distinct lines of sticks, Vapor, Nexus, and Supreme, the 1S LE is able to focus on specific characteristics. The Supreme sticks have been known for their Amplified Mid-Kick design that maximize energy transfer to give you the hardest shot, and the 1S LE only builds upon this trademark. The MPK (Maximum Power Kick) coupled with the slight taper at the bottom of the stick helped produce some of the hardest shots we’ve ever taken. You instantly notice a jump in pop and feel the moment you snap off a few shots, and this is exactly what you want to see – a transition of on-paper design to direct on-ice performance and Bauer has accomplished this to a tee.

Drop by and see how hard you can shoot, with the Bauer Supreme 1S Limited Edition.

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