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Bauer RE-AKT 95 Helmet Review
Let’s talk about the 2018 Bauer RE-AKT 95 Hockey Helmet. The latest release from Bauer’s research and development team is an elite level helmet that packs protection and comfort technology from the IMS series into a new low-profile shell.
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Bauer RE-AKT 95 Helmet Review

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Let’s talk about the 2018 Bauer RE-AKT 95 Hockey Helmet. The latest release from Bauer’s research and development team is an elite level helmet that packs protection and comfort technology from the IMS series into a new low-profile shell

Bauer Reakt 95 Helmet

The RE-AKT 95 was built from the inside out. People fell in love with the fit of the IMS 9.0 and IMS 11.0 helmets, so naturally, Bauer used that fit profile as a framework for the RE-AKT 95.

This was a genius move because getting the helmet structure dialled in is essential. No matter how many foams you add, if the helmet has pressure points or negative space, you’ll either be in pain or unprotected. A 3D mould of the IMS helmet was used to create the internal dimensions and geometry of the RE-AKT 95, and the helmet technology was built around that shape.

Bauer RE-AKT 95 Helmet

This fit profile is typically a good match for wide, round head shapes. If you loved the IMS 9.0 or IMS 11.0, you’ll love the RE-AKT 95.

For elite-level helmets, the traditional beige VX closed cell foam just doesn’t cut it anymore. The RE-AKT 95 features four of Bauer’s premier foam technologies, all with a unique purpose and design.

Let’s be honest; all the above doesn’t matter if you look like you’re wearing a Cooper SK 2000 (Google it, trust me. The Cooper’s were used in the original TRON movie!)

Bauer Re-akt 95 Helmet

The RE-AKT 95 has a ventilated low-profile outer shell designed with smooth contours. This helmet looks good on its own, or with a visor or cage.

Before moving into specifics, here are the RE-AKT 95 launch details and tech/spec at a glance:

Release Model: RE-AKT 95 Helmet (2018) 
Predecessor: IMS 9.0 + IMS 11.0 (2013) 
Pre-Order: April 16th, 2018 
Launch:May 18th, 2018 
Price: CAD $189.99
Fit Profile: Round/Wide Head 
Sizing Profile: Fits Small
Colour Options: Black | Navy | Royal | Red | White 
Size Options: Small | Medium | Large
Bauer Re-akt 95 Helmet

Custom Fit Technology:

  • Central tool-free adjustment.
  • Three stage height adjustable occipital lock.
  • Spring-loaded occipital lock.
  • Bauer’s Premier Protection Foams:

    • VTX Technology
    • IX-FOAM – Foam moulded, multi-density liner for maximum coverage
    • SUSPEND-TECH NG Liner System

    Bauer’s Premier Comfort Foams:

    • PORON XRD – Extreme Impact Protection
    • Moulded memory foam comfort liner.
    • Ventilated moisture channels.
    Bauer RE-AKT 95 Helmet

    RE-AKT 95 Fit Profile

    Step one towards being protected is getting the right fit. Our heads are all shaped differently, and there isn’t a one size fits all when it comes to hockey helmets.

    The IMS line was built to fit people with wide, round head shapes. The RE-AKT 95 will take over in that category. One note, the RE-AKT 95 does fit smaller than the IMS series. If you were in between a small or medium in the IMS line, you'd be looking at getting a size medium RE-AKT 95 for a secure fit.

    Bauer Re-akt 95 Helmet

    New Occipital Lock

    The occipital lock is the foam padding on the rear base of the helmet. This padding slots into the crook of the back of your head to prevent the helmet from tilting forward. To make sure the occipital lock is secure and comfortable, Bauer implemented a spring system and the ability to adjust the padding’s height. The spring-loaded system allows the padding to expand or contract depending on your unique occipital shape. And you can quickly adjust the height by sliding the padding to one of three distinct heights. Occipital locks have been around for some time, but Bauer aced this year's version.

    Tool Free Adjustment

    Adjusting the RE-AKT 95 is a breeze. The locking switch is now on top of the helmet to keep the sides of the helmet as streamlined as possible. Older tool free designs have been a bit clunky. Either they were hard to lock/unlock, or they didn’t hold the sizing in place. The RE-AKT 95 adjustment system addresses those concerns. Flip up the locking mechanism by pulling back and away, adjust to size, and flip the clip back down and you’re done. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

    Bauer Re-akt 95 Helmet

    VTX Liner Technology

    The VTX foam liner is one of Bauer’s latest protection innovation. This patented foam is 31% lighter than traditional EPP foam and 18% better at dissipating impacts. For those unfamiliar with EPP, it is the rigid foam that is commonly used to line helmet shells. This multi-impact foam is also used to line bike helmets. Slightly lighter and increased impact dispersion is no doubt a win-win situation. You’ll find the VTX foam in the base of the RE-AKT 95 helmet, easily identified by the blue VTX graphics. Bauer has been pretty tight-lipped about the technology, but the VTX liner was developed and validated by leaders in hockey helmet research. So we’ll tip our hat to them on this one.

    Poron XRD

    A tried and true staple for Bauer, the Poron XRD dual layer temple pads provide both comfort and high impact protection. You can’t miss these bright yellow pads in the temple area of the helmet. Slightly more substantial than other foams, Bauer uses these pads in the most common impact areas of the helmet.

    Bauer reakt 95 Helmet


    Bauer’s IX-Foam is precision moulded to fill in the negative space in low-to-mid impact areas of the helmet. As opposed to cut and shaped sheets, the moulding process allows the foam to fill every nook and cranny of the helmet. You’ll find this foam in the crown and sides of the helmet.


    Another staple in RE-AKT helmets, the suspend-tech liner allows for slight movement during shearing impacts. Instead of locking your head to helmet, the helmet will absorb some of the twisting movement. Glancing blows will twist the helmet shell instead of your head.

    The suspend-tech liner is made with soft foam and features moisture channels so sweat wicks away. The moisture channels are a small feature that keeps sweat out of your eyes.

    Final Thoughts

    With any helmet purchase, your number one priority is to get a secure, comfortable fit. Once correct sizing is complete, Bauer takes care of the rest.

    The collection of foams will ensure you have long-lasting comfort. These foams won’t get crusty or worn down like in the past. And overall, the helmet has a great look. The shell is well ventilated to keep your head cool, and will be available in black, navy, royal, red, and white.

    Helmets tend to have a longer product cycle than other categories as manufacturers don’t like to mess with a good thing. But with five years of research and development in the books, Bauer checked all the boxes concerning innovation and design with the RE-AKT 95.

    Want to find out which helmet is the right fit for you? Stop by and speak with any of our Pro-Formance Fit Certified customer service pros. We'll help you with any questions and make sure you receive the best fit for your game.

    RE-AKT 95 Offering:

    Small Black | Navy | Blue | Red | White
    Medium Black | Navy | Blue | Red | White
    Large Black | Navy | Blue | Red | White

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