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Bauer Re-Akt 150 Helmet Review
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Bauer Re-Akt 150 Helmet Review

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We knew the Bauer team had something remarkable up their sleeves when they announced another helmet release only a year after their successful Re-Akt 95 launch. The research and development department assembled some of their finest work to date in creating one of if not the most adjustable hockey helmets around. Let’s get into some of the details of the inner and outer workings of Bauer’s 2019 Re-Akt 150 helmet.

Bauer Re-akt 150 Helmet

Game Changing Dual Adjustment

The Bauer Re-Akt 150 helmet is a game changer when it comes to how to fit a hockey helmet. Because it’s the first helmet that features independent width and length adjustment this means it’s the first helmet that will fit virtually any head shape.

Often times as we fit helmets for customers we are assessing width first, finding an appropriate fit, and then adjusting the length to get a safe and secure setting for the helmet. We’ve seen various types of multi adjustment systems over the years, but the Re-akt 150 is hands down our favourite so far.

Bauer Re-akt 150 Helmet

FreeForm Fit System

While all helmets have the ability to adjust in one way or another, the adjustment range of the Re-Akt 150 is approximately 2.5 times more adjustment than any other helmet on the market. With the expanded size range the new FreeForm adjustment system provides, we expect about 80% of players will now fit a size medium whether their head shape is long and narrow or wide and deep.

With that said, every player has a head with a unique shape and it’s important to choose whichever helmet fits best, regardless of brand or model. If it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t protect. And that’s where the fit advantage of the Re-Akt 150 is going to be a big selling point.

Bauer Re-akt 150 Helmet

Easy Tool Free Adjustment

Adjusting is quick and simple with two width adjustment tools just behind both ears and a length adjustment lock on the top side of the helmet. Once everything is set up all three adjustment clips lock securely in place as if the helmet was custom fit exactly for you head shape. No tools required - and all done adjustments can be completed in moments.

Bauer Re-akt 150 Helmet

Streamlined Shell Design

The Re-Akt 150 has a pro inspired, streamlined look for everything that is under the hood. Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen some bigger helmets within the top price-point helmet category. The Bauer Re-Akt 200 and CCM Fitlite 500 are a couple of examples that require larger outer shells to accommodate thicker foam packages. The Re-Akt 150 stays closer in design to the original Re-Akt. High tech foams and design strategies allow for this streamlined look.

Bauer Re-akt 150 Helmet

Comfort Pod Liner System

Let’s take a quick look at a new system exclusive to the Re-Akt 150. Bauer’s Comfort Pod Liner System is a hinged pod design with layered foam that does a great job to further adapt to the unique shape of your head. These three-piece pods can be seen on all four sides of the helmet. Any possible areas of pressure are comforted by these flexible pads to ensure that comfortable, all encompassing fit we are looking for.

Bauer Re-akt 150 Helmet

IX Foam High Impact Energy Absorption

The foams used in this new Comfort Pod System are the patented XRD and IX foams. IX foam forms the base of the system and is built for high impact energy absorption. IX foam is easily moldable to fill nooks and crannies of the helmet for improved coverage and reduced negative space.

Bauer Re-akt 150 Helmet

XRD Foam Comfort Pads

The XRD foam is a softer almost gel-like foam intended for comfort and low impact energy absorption. These foams are the flexible comfort pads which ensure the head is cradled and secured properly without any hotspots.

Bauer Re-akt 150 Helmet

VTX All-Around Energy Absorption Liner

Found in the front, top and rear of the helmet, Bauer’s patented VTX Technology is a lightweight material providing all-around impact performance in key impact zones. The VTX is a step above commonly used EPP foam. Not only is it lighter but the impact energy absorption properties are superior to the EPP type helmet liners.

Final Thoughts

Like I mentioned at the top of this review, fit is everything and the Re-Akt 150 helmet delivers with their innovative dual adjustment system. During our staff’s product training and fit-sessions we all agreed that the Re-Akt 150 is the most versatile fitting hockey helmet we’ve ever carried. We had several staff members that would typically fit a large or medium sized helmet that were able to fit a medium comfortably. Overall this just creates more options for each player to get the most personalized fit possible. Want to find out which helmet is the right fit for you? Stop by and speak with any of our Pro-Formance Fit Certified customer service pros. We'll help you with any questions and make sure you receive the best fit for your game.

Written by Mike Ball

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