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2018 Bauer NEXUS 2N Pro Hockey Stick Review
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2018 Bauer NEXUS 2N Pro Hockey Stick Review

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2018 Bauer NEXUS 2N Pro Hockey Stick

The 2018 Bauer NEXUS 2N Pro could be your new favourite stick. It was built to make the game easier, and that’s exactly what it does. With advanced blade and carbon layering technology built in, the 2N Pro is the lightest and most durable NEXUS stick to hit the market.

Only a few years ago now, Bauer introduced the NEXUS stick family to find some middle ground between the Vapor and Supreme stick lines. As the story went, use a Vapor stick if you favour quick snapshots and a Supreme stick if you tend to take booming slapshots. Want something in between? Go with a NEXUS stick.

Bauer took some time to dial in the NEXUS stick profile, and the reviews of the NEXUS 1000 and NEXUS 8000 sticks varied. Some loved them; some hated them. It took some tinkering, but Bauer hit their stride with the 3rd generation 1N stick and refined it further with the 1N 2.0 stick.

The 1N has become quite popular in the NHL over the last few years. Notable Bauer athletes like Auston Matthews, David Pastrnak, and Jonathan Toews all used the 1N either exclusively or for an extended period lasts season. With feedback from these pro players, Bauer made some tweaks and allowed players to test out the 2N Pro through their total custom program. The result is the retail version of the 2N Pro.

What we see now in the 2N Pro, is far from the middle of the road. The 5th generation NEXUS is an all-around performer. There are players whose playing styles require a low-kick Vapor and some whose shot tendency begs for a mid-kick Supreme, but most of us lie somewhere in the middle.

2018 Bauer NEXUS 2N Pro Hockey Stick

From snapshots to slapshots, saucer passes to chip plays; the latest NEXUS stick never feels out of place. When puck handling and passing the blade feels soft yet firm, and when shooting it feels like every puck hits the sweet spot.

What started out as a bridge between two different stick designs, has ultimately become the best of both worlds. The 2N Pro allows you to be versatile on the ice and after only a few shots, you’ll begin to feel comfortable with the puck in any situation.

Release Details

  • Release Model: Bauer NEXUS 2N Pro (2018)
  • Predecessor: NEXUS 1N | NEXUS 8000 | NEXUS 1000
  • Pre-Order: June 27th
  • Launch: July 27th
  • Price: $319.99 SR |$299.99 INT | $199.99 JR

New Technology

  • R-Lite Blade System
  • ACL Blade Technology
  • DuraFlex Resin System
  • P92M Pattern - Max Blade Profile
2018 Bauer NEXUS 2N Pro Hockey Stick

Stick Profile

  • Flex Profile: NEXUS mid-kick profile with Sweet-Spot technology.
  • Blade Profile: Pure Shot blade profile.
  • Shaft Geometry: Control Shaft Technology | Concave Sidewalls | Round Corners | Convex Top + Bottom
  • Weight: 410 grams (Senior 87 Flex)
  • Senior Height: 60” (102, 87, 77, 70 Flex)
  • Intermediate Height: 57” (65, 55 Flex)
  • Junior Height: 54” (50 Flex) | 52” (40 Flex)
  • Youth Height: 46” (35 Flex)

Stick Construction

  • Construction Process: Monocomp 1-piece Technology
  • Shaft Material: TeXtreme Construction | DuraFlex Resin System
  • Stiffness Profile: Easy Load Taper Technology
  • Blade Material: eLASTech | R-Lite | ACL
2018 Bauer NEXUS 2N Pro Hockey Stick

R-Lite Blade System

The July 27th release of the 2N Pro is opening night for Bauer’s latest blade core. While this is the first time we’ll see it at retail, the R-Lite system is hands down the most popular option for NHL players. Ultra-light foams are combined with Bauer’s signature TeXtreme carbon fiber to drop the overall weight of the blade without sacrificing strength or durability.

The system is based on the 1X LITE from the Vapor line but is a bit lighter and slightly stiffer. To improve puck feel and puck control, Bauer has added a fibre-reinforced rubberized dampening layer. The stiffness in the blade ensures accuracy, while the dampening layer softens impacts to maintain responsiveness.

2018 Bauer NEXUS 2N Pro Hockey Stick
ACL (Advanced Carbon Layering) Technology

There is a common misconception that composite sticks haven’t changed in years. Whether you’d like to believe it or not, the first wave of composite sticks were heavier, more prone to breaking, and didn’t perform as well. The research and development team at Bauer continually works to incorporate new technology into their products. ACL technology is evidence of that.

ACL technology is an advanced method of layering the internal carbon material used to construct the blade. The carbon fiber layers are thinner and angled in a way that reduces the thickness of the material by 13% and drops the weight by 7 grams. Overall, this improves the strength to weight ratio of the carbon fiber.

What does this mean for us? Bauer’s testing showed the new 2N Pro stick to have a 15% quicker slapshot release and 12% faster wrist shot release. In a game of inches and milliseconds, those increases could help you pot an extra goal or two.

2018 Bauer NEXUS 2N Pro Hockey Stick

DuraFlex Resin System

Another technology featured in the 2N Pro is Bauer’s DuraFlex Resin System. The trend worldwide is for players to drop down a flex. At one point, almost all senior sticks were 100 flex or more. But as players have honed their shooting techniques, they’ve also learned to take advantage of the sticks flex technology and can rifle shots with a lower flex easier, quicker, and more accurately.

Auston Matthews, for example, is 6’3”, weighs 216lbs, and uses an 82 flex stick. When he steps into a one-timer, we see a crazy bow effect on his stick. In the past, this crazy flex put stress on the shaft resin which eventually breaks down causing the stick to snap. No Bueno.

The DuraFlex resin is built to withstand the massive stick flex we see in today’s game. The resin is more resistant to impact stress and flex stress which results in a more durable stick. For those hesitant to drop down a flex, this should help put your mind at ease.

2018 Bauer NEXUS 2N Pro Hockey Stick

P92M – Max Blade Profile

Another exclusive option offered with the 2N Pro is the new P92M pattern. This option is inspired by NHL player requests to beef up the height of their blades. The P92M pattern is identical to the standard P92, just with a taller blade profile.

The taller blade offers a few unique advantages mid-game. In front of the net, knocking in rebounds and tipping pucks is easier with more blade surface to work with. In the corners, there’s more blade surface to knock down and pull away pucks. And during faceoffs, there’s more blade to get a piece of the puck in the mad scramble when the puck hits the ice.

Having a larger blade surface has been a pro custom exclusive option for some time, so we’re excited to see if this becomes a trend or a staple in the market. The logic behind it makes perfect sense. I haven’t had a chance to try it out in a game yet, but I am curious to see if the difference is noticeable.

2018 Bauer NEXUS 2N Pro Hockey Stick

Notes on the 2N Stick

The 2N stick is the second-tier model in the 2018 Nexus lineup and features a few notable upgrades. The standard height for the 77, 87, and 102 flex options is an extended 64” tall. The 70 flex 2N comes in a standard 60” height.

One thing you’ll want to keep in mind is that Bauer tests stick flex at a standard 60” length. So a 64” 87 flex will have more whip than the 60” 87 flex. If you plan on using the full length 64” without cutting the stick, you may want to jump up a flex.

Another upgrade to the 2N stick is an improved method of fusing the blade to the shaft. The stick is still a two-piece fused construction, but Bauer has reduced the amount of excess material needed to fuse the two sections. The feeling of the stick when shooting is getting closer and close to that of the Monocomp one-piece construction. So for those not looking to break the bank, but still want a high performing stick, the 2N is a terrific option.

2018 Bauer NEXUS 2N Pro Hockey Stick

Final Thoughts

If you were a fan of the NEXUS 1N, you'd be thrilled with the NEXUS 2N Pro. All Bauer has done is take the popular Sweet-Spot flex profile and Easy Load Taper from the 1N, and they’ve re-tooled the blade to add more performance. For those unfamiliar with the NEXUS family, I’d encourage you to give the 2N Pro a try.

The flex profile is forgiving and will allow you to get shots off easier, even from tough angles. One-timers with the NEXUS line are a breeze. Top all the performance benefits off with a fresh new look… there’s plenty to like about this stick.

NEXUS 2N Pro Offering

102 Flex – 60” – P28 | P88 | P92 | P92M
87 Flex – 60” – P28 | P88 | P92 | P92M | PM9 | P14
77 Flex – 60” – P28 | P88 | P92 | P92M | PM9 | P14
70 Flex – 60” – P28 | P88 | P92 | P92M | PM9 | P14

65 Flex – 57” – P28 | P88 | P92 | PM9 | P14
55 Flex – 57” – P28 | P88 | P92 | PM9 | P14

50 Flex – 54” – P28 | P88 | P92
40 Flex – 52” – P28 | P88 | P92

35 Flex – 46” – P92

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