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True XC9 ACF Stick Review

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True XC9 ACF Stick

True has gained a lot of popularity with our staff over the past couple of seasons but the brand isn't a household name for everyone. For those not familiar with True Temper (True Hockey's parent company), they are the world's leading manufacturer and designer of golf shafts. True Temper expanded their portfolio to other sports including hockey and have already sold over 2 million hockey sticks.

True XC9 ACF Stick

X-Core and BRT

The first thing I noticed when testing out the new XC9 ACF is that this is as close to a wood feel blade for a composite stick on the market. When stick-handling and receiving hard passes you really notice the advanced dampening qualities in the XC9 blade. This soft feel can be attributed to the X-Core blade insert which gives it improved accuracy and control.

True XC9 ACF Stick

The X-Core insert is a compressed urethane and is supposed to provide 30% more spin on contact with the puck. This is one of the main features that differentiates itself from their A-series sticks. True has improved the bonding of the blade face with BRT Technology. Still too early for us to make any durability claims but we're expecting good things from the second generation X Series.

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Smart Flex Technology

True XC9 ACF Stick

Shooters will be happy to know the XC9 definitely has the "pop" that they have fallen in love with True sticks. Their Smart Flex custom kick point adjusts to whatever type of shot is thrown at it making it forgiving and adding power whether you lean into a shot 100% or if you're just getting a shot off quickly.

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Axenic Technology

True XC9 ACF Stick

You better believe consistent shaft walls make a big difference. Maybe it's the gear geek in me but I'm a big fan of True's shaft construction process. It's just a better process to eliminate thick or thin spots within a composite shaft. For durability and performance, it's a huge deal.


Final Thoughts

I'd definitely recommend this stick to any players who pride themselves on their stick-handling and playmaking...but thanks to True Temper technology, you can have the best of both worlds and still be able to go bardown with authority.

- written by Chad Purdy


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