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CCM Super Tacks Protective First Look

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CCM Super Tacks protective

CCM’s new iteration of protective equipment, the Super Tacks line, comes in this year as one of the premiere protective ranges on the market. Building off of the fit and protection philosophies of the well-loved Ultra Tacks line of equipment, CCM has upgraded their pads to improve the overall comfort and performance throughout the pieces.

CCM Super Tacks shoulder

Super Tacks Shoulder Pads

The new CCM Super Tacks shoulder pads features the D3O Smart Material found in last year’s Ultra Tacks pads. For those who haven’t seen the foam before, D3O is a smart foam which has a free-moving molecule structure – keeping the foam soft and pliable for comfort, but locking together when impact occurs, absorbing force incredibly well without a sacrifice to comfort and weight.

CCM Super Tacks shoulder

With a close-wrap Dual Core shoulder cap and a molded floating sternum both featuring the D3O foam, the Super Tacks shoulder pads provide an incredibly lightweight, pro-level protection designed to hold up to the wear and tear of even the highest levels of hockey. As a fan of the Super Tacks shoulder pads, I was very impressed with the greater usage of D3O foam throughout the torso, as the smart material was one of my favourite aspects of the previous pads.

CCM Super Tacks shoulder

CCM polishes it all off with a redesigned high-density torso guard, elastic floating guard system and hinged spine protector; making this a highly protective pad that remains mobile and comfortable throughout its use.

CCM Super Tacks shoulder CCM Super Tacks shoulder

Super Tacks Shin Guards

CCM improved on their popular Ultra Tacks shin guard with some protectiveness and fit upgrades. The D3O foam once again makes an appearance with an HD foam frame, making the new Super Tacks shin guards an incredibly comfortable and close-fitting shin guard. The low profile maximizes your mobility, all while the new reinforced anchor straps and calf wrap locks the pad down to your leg, providing a secure fit that you can strap on and forget about during your game.

CCM Super Tacks shin

The ridged shin cap design carried over from the previous Ultra Tacks shin guard still stands up as a strong, protective form of impact dispersion, all while backed with HD foams and D3O smart material to improve that energy absorption from blocked shots.

CCM Super Tacks shin

The padded removable liner makes the pad incredibly easy to keep clean, keeping your gear and your bag fresh with every wash.

CCM Super Tacks shin CCM Super Tacks elbow

Super Tacks Elbow Pads

The new Super Tacks elbow pads were an intriguing upgrade to the Tacks line of protective equipment. Once again, CCM utilizes more of their successful D3O smart material technology, reinforcing the JDP caps and forearms in order to provide a lightweight, pro-level of protection, improving the impact dispersion away from the elbow joint.

CCM Super Tacks elbow

A new reinforced lock strap and elastic binding help really anchor the pad down to the joint, and with an overall snug fit to the two-piece elbow pads, secures the pad well on your arm to reduce slippage and let you focus on scoring that game-winning goal.

CCM Super Tacks elbow

Super Tacks Hockey Pants

Following up the Ultra Tacks is the new Super Tacks pant, with improvements to the mobility, customizability, and protectiveness all throughout the pant, without changing the comfortable anatomical fit that the previous iteration was known for. A lot of players loved the Ultra Tacks pants, and a lot of us at the store were very impressed with the improved protection and fit on our first looks at the new Super Tacks pant.

CCM Super Tacks pants

D3O smart material is now found in the hip and spine protections – providing a comfortable, lightweight form of protection that is still able to shape itself around the high-contact areas of the pant.

CCM Super Tacks pants

The spine protector and hidden padded belt system are now both adjustable, allowing the player to tailor the fit and form of the pant to their own needs. Pro-performance PE protection and HD foams in the thighs and kidneys round out this absolute tank of a hockey pant, while a Pro 4000-series nylon outer shell for durability and an extendable length (for those growth spurts or taller players) round out this pro-level pant.

CCM Super Tacks pants

Super Tacks Girdle

To the girdle lovers out there – fear not! CCM has shown their dedication to customer needs and produced a form-fitting girdle, filled to the brim with their current protective technology. A setup that’s well-loved; from the NHL to some of us humbler folk with 11pm games and work in the morning.

Perfect for the player looking for a customized fit where they can tweak and adjust to their perfect fit, the Super Tacks girdle features the same D3O hip and spine protection found in the Super Tacks pant, while locking the protection and padding down to your body with a series of Velcro and elastic straps.

This maximizes the mobility and comfort of the pads, reducing any impedance to your agility and flexibility without leaving any gaps in protection.

Super Tacks Youth Protective

New to the store this year is CCM’s premiere line of youth protective, with the updated Super Tacks equipment taking center stage. Featuring the D3O smart materials to provide the best protection for your little elite prospects, and an E-Fit system making it easier to adjust and dress the equipment in the changing rooms; the CCM Super Tacks Youth protective line is an elite protection package at an affordable price range – ready for your young players’ first seasons.

The Super Tacks line of protective equipment is in stock now.

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