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CCM Super Tacks AS1 Skates Review

Our Rating: 5/5

Availability: April 27th, 2018 | Pre-Order starts March 27th, 2018

CCM Super Tacks AS1 Skates

The 2018 CCM Super Tacks AS1 hockey skates are a brilliant follow up to the 2016 Super Tacks skates. Using the anatomical one-piece boot as a framework, CCM has aced the design of the AS1 to create one of the most refined skates on the market.

The 2016 CCM Super Tacks skate launch changed the game when it introduced the MonoFrame 360 composite one-piece boot, something CCM had been developing for over five years.

Lightweight, responsive, beautiful.

CCM Super Tacks AS1 Skates

The Super Tacks was the CCM skate players had been waiting for. A skate that not only looked the part but played the part at an elite level. What comes next? The CCM Super Tacks AS1.

CCM has taken the proven Super Tacks formula and created a skate with pro-level performance that is built to last and feels amazing on your foot. A skate as polished and finely tuned as the Super Tacks AS1 is hard to come by.

CCM’s legendary Tacks lineup has balanced simplicity with innovation since its surprise reintroduction in 2014. Bridging the heritage of an iconic brand with advanced engineering is no easy task, but CCM continues to showcase their ability to execute this delicate balance by combining cutting-edge technology with elegant design. Before moving into a deep dive, here are the AS1 launch details and tech/spec at a glance:

Release Details

  • Release Model: CCM Super Tacks AS1 (2018)
  • Predecessor: CCM Super Tacks (2016)
  • Pre-Order: March 27th
  • Launch: April 27th
  • Price: CAD $999.99
  • Model Details

  • Volume Profile: Medium
  • Heel Width: Standard
  • Forefoot Width: Standard
  • Stiffness: Pro Level 3
  • Sizing: 1.5 Shoe Sizes
  • CCM Super Tacks AS1 Skates

    Tried and True

  • MonoFrame 360 Composite One-Piece Boot
  • Asymmetrical Ankle Pads
  • SB Black Steel Runners
  • SpeedBlade +4.0 Holders
  • Injection Molded Toe Cap
  • Latest and Greatest

  • SpeedCore III Frame
  • TriTech Flex Tongue
  • Increased Quarter Package Height
  • Smooth Contour Collar Pads
  • TotalDri Pro Liner with DuraZone Abrasion Patches
  • Orthomove Custom Support Insoles
  • Streamlined Non-Performance Material Design
  • Reinforced Toe Cap Vamping
  • Full Injected One-Piece Tendon Guard
  • CCM Super Tacks AS1 Skates

    A Composite Boot that fits like a Sock

    This might be the only way to describe the way the MonoFrame 360 boot feels on your foot. The way the contours wrap around the foot and ankle bones is exceptional. Then consider how the outsole-less boot hugs the forefoot and arches, and it’s easy to see why the one-piece boot has been such a hit.

    CCM Super Tacks AS1 Skates

    The thermo-formability of the SpeedCore III Frame takes an already anatomical fit to the next level. Pro stiffness allows for a responsive skate with optimal energy transfer. The AS1 one-piece boot is lightweight with minimal excess material, and minimal wasted energy. The power that would be lost in the joints and seams of a traditional skate design is properly transferred from the foot to the ice.

    This boot will be the foundation of CCM skates for years to come, and it is no surprise that CCM decided to continue down the one-piece path with the AS1.

    The Usual Suspects

    We’ve heard rumblings of a new holder/runner system, but for now, it is business as usual with the SpeedBlade +4.0 Holder and SpeedBlade Black Steel Runners on the AS1.

    CCM Super Tacks AS1 Skates

    The extra 4mm of height built into the SpeedBlade +4.0 CCM holder creates an attack angle that is great for tight turns and long strides.

    And the black oxide coating that is used to treat the SB Black runners helps prevent rust from forming on your blades. You’ll often find a similar protective coating on tools, such as drill bits and saw blades.

    CCM Super Tacks AS1 Skates

    Window Shopping

    The AS1 is a great looking skate. Classic primary black design with the signature Tacks yellow accents.

    CCM Super Tacks AS1 Skates

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. It wasn’t broke; they didn’t fix it.

    It’s a sleek, simple design that pops in the right spots. CCM nailed it here. You don’t need to check the price tag; it’s clear at first glance that the AS1 is the flagship model in the Tacks lineup.

    High-Performance Comfort

    You don’t put a plastic seat in a Lamborghini. The AS1 has several comfort enhancements that allow active players to be put through the paces without damaging their ankles or feet.

    CCM Super Tacks AS1 Skates

    Lace-bite sucks, nobody wants to deal with lace-bite.

    The TriTech Flex Tongue was first introduced with the CCM JetSpeed FT1 skate and returns with the Super Tacks AS1. The base is a familiar 7mm white felt pro tongue and is supplemented with a medium density foam insert to disperse the tightening pressure of the laces.

    CCM Super Tacks AS1 Skates

    Support is great, but forward flexion is key to a long powerful stride, which is why CCM moved away from a stiff plastic tongue insert. The medium-density foam does an excellent job of balancing comfort, protection, and performance.


    If you’ve never heard of ankle-bite before, don’t be alarmed. I may have made that term up, but the pain is real!

    CCM Super Tacks AS1 Skates

    Ankle-bite is the bruising of the inside and outside ankle areas caused by the stiff edges of the upper skate boot. This ankle pain can make skating unbearable.

    The AS1 attacks this from two angles. First, the boot height has been increased by ~5mm to sit slightly higher on the leg than in the past.

    Also, boot height is now size appropriate meaning larger skate sizes have a taller boot, and smaller sizes have a shorter boot. This ensures that the boot sits exactly where it should on any foot.

    In combination with the adjusted boot height, the AS1 has new Smooth Contour Comfort Pads which are exactly what they sound like. Thick, comfy foam pads in that trouble area at the top of the boot to cushion any pressure.

    The Guts

    The internal materials of a skate are often an afterthought until they become a problem. CCM has put in the work so that, hopefully, you never have to think about them. The TotalDri Pro Liner is CCM’s premier liner and does exactly what it is supposed to, wicking away excess moisture to keep your feet dry during the game while rapidly pushing out moisture post-game.

    CCM Super Tacks AS1 Skates

    Not all of us were lucky enough to experience full leather skate liners, but the DuraZone Abrasion Patches provide just as much durability in just the right spots. Unprotected skate liners often rip and tear in areas where shin pads overlap the skate. Inside the AS1 liner, we have asymmetrical ankle pads, which is a fancy way of saying your inside and outside ankle bones are a bit wonky. The inside ankle bone typically sits a bit further forward in the skate than the outside ankle bone. This simply creates a snug, locked in fit for both comfort and protection.

    CCM Super Tacks AS1 Skates

    OrthoMove Insoles

    It seems like insole design is becoming the final frontier for hockey skates, with leading brands partnering with orthopedic companies from all over the world. This year, we’re headed to Austria which is home base for CCM’s partner, OrthoMove.

    CCM Super Tacks AS1 Skates

    The OrthoMove design has a similar construction to other leading hockey skate insoles with a rigid PowerGrid heel cup and a softer vented forefoot landing.

    The technology that makes OrthoMove insoles unique lies with the custom arch inserts. The progressive levels of arch support mean you’ll be fully supported by inserts that match your personal arch profile.

    Flat feet? No problem. High arches? No problem.

    CCM Super Tacks AS1 Skates

    In theory, this custom arch support system should cater to all fit profiles and make sure everything is biometrically aligned from the first time you step on the ice.

    The AS1 designers aimed to remove as much excess material as possible to reduce overall weight. 3D CCM logo jewels are now printed on the boot. Eyelet wrapping in the midsole has been removed. The exhaust ventilation system is now simply a ventilation hole. The toe cap has a reinforced vamping system aimed to prevent the toe cap and boot from separating. The tendon guard has a fully injected one-piece insert that is both flexible and durable.

    Wrap it Up

    The AS1 is a terrific, pro-level skate, plain and simple. CCM has added, removed, and tweaked in all the right places to remaster an already successful skate. It’s a work of art in terms of both design and engineering.

    We’re lucky that we get to see McDavid scream up and down the ice with this technology, but imagine if Mario had these instead of the Tacks 692’s in his prime… Gretzky might be short a couple of records.

    Thanks for reading, and as a bonus, I want to mention there will be a Part II to the AS1 review. CCM has been working hard at yet another innovative program, and we’re excited to talk more about it.

    Stay tuned.

    CCM Super Tacks AS1 Skates

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