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CCM Jetspeed FT1 Hockey Skates Review

CCM is due to release their Jetspeed FT1 skate on April 28, 2017, and we got a first look at the successor to the highly successful Jetspeed line. The new generation of skates takes cues from the R&D advancements found in their Super Tacks skate, while retaining the tapered, comfort fit Jetspeed users have come to know and love. Continue... 0

Mission NLS:1 Skate Review

The Mission Inhaler NLS:1 brings something new to the table and fans of previous Mission skates. With an all new Curv Composite design along with the Kryptonium chassis makes this skate a home run due to its performance and lightweight nature. Where the skate really shines is Continue... 0

New Bauer Nexus 1N Stick Review

Let’s start this off with a question, did you love the Bauer Nexus 1N Stick? If you answered yes to this, then should definitely consider taking a long hard look at the revamped, remodeled Nexus 1N 2.0. Continue... 0

Warrior Covert Throwback Sticks Review

Warrior has hit the mark perfectly with the release of their Covert Throwback series, showing their dedication to creating product fueled by the wants and needs of their players. The result is... Continue... 0

Sherwood BPM 150 Stick Review

Whether you’re digging for pucks, throwing sauce, or popping bottles, the BPM 150 should be able to perform in every situation you throw at it. Let’s take a closer look at what makes the Sher-Wood BPM 150 one of the best all-around sticks on the market. Continue... 0

CCM RIBCOR Trigger Stick Review

CCM’s RIBCOR line has always been known for their ability to release the puck quickly with minimal load and the newly designed RIBCOR Trigger only looks to improve upon past achievements. With a redesigned flex profile, upgrades in durability along with much better feel for the puck are just a few of CCM’s changes for the RIBCOR Trigger. Let’s take a closer look at CCM’s new RIBCOR Trigger. Continue... 0

Bauer Supreme 1S LE Stick Review

An evolution has taken place within Bauer and the 1S LE brings Bauer’s best to the forefront. Let’s help you put the puck in the back of the net with the Bauer 1S Limited Edition. Continue... 0

Bauer Supreme 1S LE Skate Review

Are you looking for the ultimate in top end explosive power? Look no further than the Supreme 1S. With new tech, an even better fit overall, and increased performance should equal one of the best skates we’ve ever tested, let’s take a closer look and see if the Bauer 1S LE hits the mark. Continue... 0

Bauer Prodigy Youth Sticks Review

Choosing the right stick can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. Priced at $54.99, the Bauer Prodigy sticks provide parents and beginners good value in a youth composite stick and ultimately make it easy to choose the right stick. Swing by the shop and our Pro-Formance trained staff will help fit your little one up for the stick that is built for fun :) Continue... 0

CCM JetSpeed Inline Skate Review

Looking for ice-skate quality? Answer... the CCM JetSpeed inline skates. The JetSpeed boot is almost identical in terms of stiffness and quality and is certainly comparable in performance. After skating in both the ice and inline boots, the transition was seamless and felt as if I was skating on ice due to the level of performance the inline skate provides. Find out what else makes the skate a home run. Continue... 0

Warrior Covert QRL Stick Review

A lightning-quick stick specifically designed for lightning-quick shooters is the tagline for the new Warrior Covert QRL and Warrior looks to bring the success they had with the QR1 to the QRL. A similar name, but don’t be mistaken – Warrior has upped the ante with their new Covert lineup to maximize performance on the ice. Making this stick shoot faster than its predecessor was no easy feat but Warrior managed to bring some space-age technology to the QRL to help set the bar in terms of stick performance. Let’s dive in and see... Continue... 0

CCM Super Tacks Stick Review

The release of the Super Tacks stick brings about a new, true all-in-one stick designed to be used in every game situation and perform at the highest level. Though many people have relied on the Tacks as their primary stick, Super Tacks takes it to another level in terms of performance and features. With two distinct loading zones you can get the most out of any shot you take. Just one of the many new features brought to the Super Tacks, lets dive in a take a closer look. Continue... 0

CCM RBZ Revolution Stick Review

The new CCM RBZ Revolution aims to deliver the next generation of shooting performance. The RBZ Revolution brings about many new changes unseen before on a hockey stick to help bring about a change in the speed, accuracy, and overall power when we shoot the puck. Let’s take a closer look at CCM’s new top-tier shooter. Continue... 0

Bauer Vapor 1X 2016 Stick Review

Being able to innovate on an already successful platform is no easy task, even for the likes of Bauer. Yet, they have managed to improve upon the likes of their Vapor lineup from the 1X to the new 1X 2.0. The improvements made to the stick should help increase the lifespan of the stick while providing some additional power and accuracy to your shots. Bauer has managed to take the high points of their 1X and improved upon its weaker ones to create the 1X 2.0. Let’s take a closer look at the differences. Continue... 0

The New CCM Visor Review

Having excellent vision on the ice is something some players are born with, but if you’re one of the few who would like to increase your play making ability, CCM’s new visors offer excellent clarity for optimal vision. CCM has partnered up with Revision Military who are an industry leader in ballistic eye wear and advanced head systems. Bringing their advancements to the hockey world, CCM visors powered by Revision look to change the quality of visors seen on the market today. Continue... 0

Bauer 1N Protective Review

If you’re in the market for top-end gear with that classic fit, the Nexus 1N lineup would be your perfect match. We get our hands on a set of elbows, shoulders, shins and pants to test them out for our latest review. Continue... 0

Bauer Supreme Matrix Skate Review

The 2016 Supreme Matrix skate is available exclusively at Source for Sports stores and is packed full of pro level features. The Matrix is built and priced from Bauer’s Supreme S180 catalogue model skate but adds a whack of features from the S190 to provide true upgrades in performance, comfort, and durability. Continue... 0

Bauer Nexus 1N Skate Review

The final revamp to the Bauer skate lineup comes to the Nexus. The Nexus 1N still provides that classic, wider fit you’ve come to expect, along with some much needed upgrades found on other top-end Bauer skates. At first glance you’ll immediately notice the totally redesigned skate, especially with the blue accenting – it’s definitely one of the nicest looking skates out there. The Nexus 1N stays true to the Nexus namesake, but brings about changes that propel it to the top of the skate spectrum, let’s take a closer look. Continue... 0

Warrior Covert QRL Gloves Review

The QRL could be the ultimate glove in terms of protection, fit, and feel and Warrior claims that it is currently the lightest, most mobile glove on the market today. Warrior currently offers the glove in two different models, the QRL and the QRL Pro. Let’s see if the QRL lives up to the Warrior heritage of gloves. Continue... 0

CCM FitLITE 3DS Helmet Review

If you’re in the market for a new helmet, give the 3DS a look, it provides an excellent custom fit, and utilizes state of the art foams for added comfort and protection. Continue... 0

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