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2018 Warrior QR Edge Stick Review

Our Rating: 5/5

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Written By: Mac Colasimone

2018 Warrior QR Edge stick

The 2018 Warrior QR Edge is an elite level hockey stick designed with quickness in mind for today’s lightning fast game. The latest release from Warrior continues to build off the Covert line’s success in the composite hockey stick world. Low-kick point sticks are a terrific example of how technology can make our lives easier. Warrior has done excellent work tweaking shaft dimensions, stick materials, and manufacturing methods to help improve your shot; And it shows.

As many of us know, the Covert line up is known for its quick release properties. What does quick release mean? Shooting a puck has three phases: load, recoil, and release.

  1. Load – The blade cradles the puck, and the shaft flexes to generate power.
  2. Recoil – The shaft begins to unload, and the puck moves toward the target.
  3. Release – The puck releases from the blade toward the target.

So a quick release is having the shortest time between load and release. The shaft flexes and recoils in the blink of an eye. Most modern composite sticks can achieve this load-recoil effect. What makes low-kick point sticks unique? You can easily load shots from almost anywhere on the ice with ease. Standing upright? Off-balance? Falling over? The stick is still easy to load and release shots because of the shaft technology built into the stick. No need for a big wind up or full body movement. The stick does the work for you.

2018 Warrior QR Edge stick

There isn’t a doubt that the previous Warrior QR1 and QRL models were a statement in the realm of low kick point sticks. The first time you fire a quick snapshot with one of these sticks, you’ll feel the technology doing the work. What’s next? The QR Edge. So, you may be wondering – how can you improve something that is already amazing? Let me explain.

2018 Warrior QR Edge stick

Release Details

  • Release Model: Warrior Covert QR Edge Hockey Stick (2018)
  • Predecessor: Warrior Covert QRL
  • Preorder: June 20, 2018
  • Launch: July 20, 2018
  • Price: $299.99 SR/INT - $209.99

Key Technology

  • New Edge Taper Shaft Dimensions
  • True Phantom 1 Construction
  • Minimus Carbon 1200 Technology
  • Low Kick Point Flex Profile – Quick Release

Stick Construction

  • Construction Process: True 1-piece
  • Shaft/Blade Material: Minimus Carbon 1200
  • Shaft Design: Angular Edge Taper
  • Blade Design:Ultra-Thin 12K Lightweight Flat Weave Carbon Composite
  • Grip:Pro Cortex

Reduced price-point:

  • Senior - $299.99
  • Intermediate - $299.99
  • Junior - $209.99


Edge Taper and Quick Release

The most significant change to the new QR Edge stick is a shaft design change that Warrior calls the ‘Edge Taper.’ Previous Warrior Covert models have used the ‘Dagger Taper’ which many people know and love. To be fair, the new Edge Taper is more of a tweak and a re-design. One of the challenges faced with low-kick point designs is that the shaft can sometimes twist and torque, not exactly helpful for accurate shooting.

Warrior aimed to dial in the accuracy of the stick while maintaining the same quick release properties. They made some tweaks to the lower shaft geometry and came up with an angular taper. What happened? They were able to achieve a more accurate and stable shot motion, AND they decreased the release time.

2018 Warrior QR Edge stick

What if I told you I could help you shoot harder, faster, quicker and more accurate? I can’t do that; Sorry. But I can vouch for the QR Edge. The changes to the taper are noticeable when shooting. My initial thought was that this is a stick with mid-kick accuracy and low-kick release. For those familiar with the mid-low hybrids, I’d put the QR Edge in the same category simply due to the accuracy improvements.

2018 Warrior QR Edge stick

Minimus Carbon 1200

For me, a light stick is crucial; and the QR Edge is just that. Warrior manufactures the stick with a flat wave carbon composite design. Its fabrication consists of minimus carbon 1200 ultra-thin 12k high strength fibres. Woah, confusing I know, but essentially the materials lightweight ultra-thin qualities enhance the sticks balance, playability, and feel giving you more control over the stick.

Composite stick material and construction is an area that people often overlook. As mentioned above, we hockey players are pretty demanding of our sticks these days. We want lightweight, balance, performance and control. There are many different composite carbon blends and layering methods. The Minimus Carbon 1200 is Warrior’s latest carbon construction. 
I don’t know the exact science behind the construction, but I can say that Warrior has a track record that I’m willing to trust. The stick feels great, so the technology and materials appear to be top notch as usual.

2018 Warrior QR Edge stick

True 1 Phantom

Compared to the QRL which focused primarily on the overall weight of the stick, the re-engineered True 1-piece Phantom construction creates extreme lightweight blade balance and smooth, strong flex arcs. This construction enhances how the stick feels during play giving you more control and response. 

The idea behind a true one-piece construction is simple. If the composite materials are a constructed as a single piece, then the stick will be more responsive from your hands to the blade. Imagine eating cereal with a two-piece spoon. If there’s any movement or give at the joint, there’s a good chance you’ll spill some milk.

Even if we have stone hands, we want to have full control of the puck. More importantly, we want to be able to feel the puck on our blade, so we can keep our heads up to make a play with the puck. The True 1 Phantom construction helps you do that.

2018 Warrior QR Edge stick

Pro Cortex Grip

Speaking of control, the grip and texture of the stick is a huge game changer for me as well. I absolutely need grip on my stick. Fortunately, I was able to test out the QR Edge early getting a first-hand feel of the stick. It features a textured surface coupled with a tacky soft grip feel. The grip really locks your hands in place and has a very relaxed and comfortable feel to it. 

I think the textured surface is a bit underrated in the hockey stick world. During a game, your hands and gloves will get wet either from sweat or the snow on the ice, and this reduced the effect of the stick’s grip coating. Having the textured surface gives an extra layer of control to prevent the shaft from twisting in your hands. When the games on the line, the last thing you want is to flub a backdoor empty net chance because of your stick twists on the shot. The Pro Cortex Grip will help lock in your hands, so you can make solid contact whether it’s the first period or double OT.

2018 Warrior QR Edge stick

Final Thoughts

I know I probably sound like your typical used cars salesman at this point, but I want to emphasize how great this stick truly is. I take pride in products I like, and the QR Edge is one of my favourites. From the sharp black, orange and blue graphics to the revolutionized edge taper design, the QR Edge is sure to take your game to the next level. Well, maybe not the next level… but hopefully, it can help you light the lamp a few more times than last season. Or maybe it just helps you score one or two snipes that you didn’t think you could pull off. Either way, this stick should help your game.

Also, if you haven’t seen it already, check out Paul Bissonnette’s review of the QR Edge here in Episode 1 of Biznasty Does BC:

Safe to say Biz could’ve potted more than 7 NHL goals if this stick was around during his illustrious career. Make sure to check out all five episodes of Biznasty Does BC and see what the west coast is all about. Biz also talks about the new QR Edge gloves in a few of the episodes. Keep in mind Biz is new to the media world, but the series has some spectacular views and some good laughs combined with questionable acting cameos by many NHL players.

Covert Offering

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