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2017 Bauer Supreme 1S Stick Review

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Written by: Chad Purdy

2017 Bauer Supreme 1S Stick review

What else can suppliers do when it comes to redesigning high-end sticks? We're at a point where all the top end sticks feel amazing and it's getting harder every year to tell one from another. With some stick launches, we'll see new graphics, some small tweaks and a few grams of weight shaved off.

Don't get me wrong, sticks have come a long way over the years and I think we almost take the advances that sticks have made over the past few years for granted...well, except for the $300 plus price tag.

I'm always impressed when I see truly new technologies brought to market. That's what caught my attention with the new Supreme 1S. Bauer is introducing an exciting new technology in their blade that has a great feel and should help improve durability.

2017 Bauer Supreme 1S Stick review

RENEW CORE Blade Technology

So what exactly is it? RENEW CORE is a gel placed inside the blade that stays in a liquid state forever. As damage occurs in the blade core, the pressurized gel finds and fills the cracks, creating a longer-lasting blade.

2017 Bauer Supreme 1S Stick renew core

I'll be honest, when it was first pitched to me I didn't fully get how it worked. It was time to go back to school. Luckily, I was fortunate to be selected to attend Bauer University at Bauer's Innovation Centre in Blainville, Quebec. This two-day training session was a deep dive into all of Bauer's latest products. It was a great experience seeing and learning about all of the R&D firsthand but I have to admit it's been a while since I've had to hit the books...thankfully I earned a passing grade!

The stick designers gave the best demo of RENEW CORE - the one where a picture is worth a thousand words. They took a 1S blade and cut it in half so we could see what the pressurized gel does once damage occurs. This reddish/pink gel immediately began to ooze out because it is contained within a pocket in the core of the blade. It was impressive to see how quickly the gel activated.

Now, obviously your blade isn't going to cut in half during play but the reality is that small cracks occur inside the core of the blade with every shot you take. The gel is remarkably sticky so don't worry about it exploding liquid all over the ice if it breaks. This pressurized gel will expand to fill those micro-cracks to improve durability. Engineering and science at it's best. Pretty cool stuff.

As for performance benefits, RENEW CORE improves the energy transfer from blade to puck while shooting to increase shot power. It also has an improved puck feel while stick handling.

2017 Bauer Supreme 1S Stick review

Kick point

High kick point featuring Extended Transfer Zone Maximum Kick Point

2017 Bauer Supreme 1S Stick review

Bauer's Supreme sticks are well known for their high kick point and typically suit players with a heavier shot (or at least rely on getting open to be able to fully load their sticks for one timers). The only drawback for this type of flex profile has been that there might only be a few players on a typical team roster that could really utilize Supreme's high kick point for all types of shots vs. the versatility of the Nexus 1N mid kick point or the Vapor 1X low kick point.

2017 Bauer Supreme 1S Stick review

The 2017 Supreme 1S has kept the high kick point DNA that Supreme stick faithful users have come to know and love but has a more forgiving sweet spot when loading. This is achieved with Bauer's MPK (Maximum Power Kick) Technology which maximizes the transfer of energy from handle to blade with every shot. There's also a new Extended Transfer Zone which connects the taper to the high kick point, allowing energy to transfer faster and more effectively on snapshots, making the new 1S the most versatile Supreme stick ever.

2017 Bauer Supreme 1S Stick review

Familiar Features



Exclusive to Bauer in hockey, TeXtreme is an ultra-lightweight carbon fiber that is 20% lighter than conventional carbon. TeXtreme is one of the main proprietary materials that allows Bauer to create such lightweight and responsive sticks. And although stick breakage is always a sore point with top end players, TeXtreme is truly more durable than traditioanl carbon fibers.

2017 Bauer Supreme 1S Stick review


Bauer’s proprietary resin system with carbon nanotube reinforcements. Designed to increase durability by reducing the spread of micro-fractures caused by slashes and puck impacts.

2017 Bauer Supreme 1S Stick review


This is Bauer’s single molding process designed to remove excess material like overlapping layers, resin and foam waste. In summary – improving the balance of the stick and reducing the overall weight.

2017 Bauer Supreme 1S Stick review

Final Thoughts

As a player who isn't known for having a heavy shot, I'm probably a good player to chime in on the changes to the kick point and more forgiving blade. I was able to demo the new 1S on ice at the Source for Sports trade show in Niagara Falls last November. I usually struggle a bit with Supreme sticks as I'm a Nexus 1N guy but I liked the 1S. You could tell it was more forgiving than last year's 1S. Although Supreme still isn't the right product for me, I could really appreciate the changes on this year's model. That's good news for players who love the Supreme series for it's hard and heavy release - you're sure to be impressed with the new Supreme 1S.

2017 Bauer Supreme 1S Stick review

Not in the market for a $339.99 price-point stick? We've got you covered with a full line-up of Source Exclusive Supreme sticks. Keep an eye out for our review of the Matrix, Comp and Elite sticks.

As always, if you’re a local customer or just visiting the store, swing by and demo the new 1S in our demo shooting zone to see how hard you can shoot. We think you’ll be impressed.

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